Fitness Model Jinnie Gogia Chugh Talks to FT Team



Jinnie Gogia Chugh, professional athlete, fitness model & brand ambassador of FITINDIA Campaign talks to FT about Career, well-being & fitness.

How would you describe yourself in 50 words?

50 words is too less to describe me!! Passionate, keen learner, go getter and sincere. Also, the saying “Appearances are deceptive” stands true in my case.

What motivated you to get into fitness and training?

Actually, it started with my keen desire to get thin. But it’s a sheer coincidence that I got into fitness and weight training .Infact I entered the gym only 2 years back, and by Gods grace, this gave a new direction to my life. I realized that Fitness is my true calling.

One learning you had from your greatest failure.

Life is a process of continual learning.Every moment, incidence and people come as learning in our lives. My biggest learning is that only and only your faith can keep you going. And come what may, never give up! You may be going through the toughest and the most undesirable situation in your life, but always remember, God has already decided about your journey and destiny has a vital role to play. One should earnestly keep working hard ,and believe in God.

What keeps you so fit; tell us about your diet

I try to workout regularly. I eat clean and according to my diet. It’s a balanced combination of protein, fats and carbs, but the macros are largely dependent on my fitness goals. I also have the essential supplements such as protein scoops, aminos and omega 3.

How do you deal with cravings for junk food, sweets and salty foods?

Honestly, the diet food I have is not bland, rather it is very delicious and I thoroughly look forward to my meals. So there aren’t any cravings as such. I’m not fond of sweets at all. And of course, I have my cheat days, where I can have whatever I wish to.

What advice would you give to person who wants to lose fat?



Tell us about #FITINDIA Campaign and your association with them.

The #FITINDIA campaign is a nationwide campaign ,an initiative by GLANBIA, the world’s biggest nutrition giant. It is supported by the ministry of health ,and aims to spread awareness about the right nutrition and the lack of physical activity in Indians. With a target reach of over one billion people, the campaign aims to make India a fit nation.

I have been chosen as a brand ambassador for the campaign, and my role is of a key influencer and brand promotion activist. Moreover, being a writer and a columnist, I am writing a lot on spreading awareness about fitness and the FITINDIA campaign.

Any advice for beginners or anyone looking to get into fitness competitions?

Stay focused, and remember that this field requires immense dedication and commitment. Morever, fitness is age free vicinity, and it is a vast field. There is much to learn and then follow. The right trainer, the training and the best nutrition plan for you will help you go a long way. For competitors too, be much focused and believe in yourself. The competition preparation is very tough where each day counts, so be ready to put in that effort.

You have been recently chosen amongst the top 5 fittest moms in the country. Any comments?

Well,I am very grateful for having being featured in this coveted list ,and it makes me feel really nice and motivated to be amongst the top 5.


You are a rare combination of achievements in education and fitness. This makes you unique in this field. Any comments?

Well, I have been writing since a good many years, and it came naturally to me. Fitness is my passion, my lifestyle and now occupation as well .Destiny has shaped the way that I became a fitness writer too ,and am vehemently working towards it. I’m extremely hardworking and put in a lot of efforts to pursue my goals.

Any last advice for the beginners or anyone looking to get into fitness?

Just begin, but make sure to get the right training and the right nutrition. It will give you the best results for your body, and make manifold different to your personality.
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