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Five Websites That Will Help You Kickstart Your Career as an Artist

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It is tough to kickstart a career in the ever so competitive art industry as an upcoming amateur artist. You have no connections, no exhibition appointments, no fame, and no money. All in all, it is hard to make the ends meet. In such a scenario, the best thing that an artist can do is start selling their work online.


Not only is it easy to access, it also means easy money and publicity. Additionally, the portal becomes your online portfolio that helps you track consumerists trends — a style most bought by customers, highest sold work, preferred color, etc. Now, there’s a big difference in being able to actually sell your work online and just putting it out there.


It can be a cumbersome, long process. Worry not, future Picassos, we have compiled a list of top five websites that will help you sell your artwork, without any hassle!


A venture by NDTV India, this indigenous venture brings artists together on a platform and enables them to come directly in contact with buyers. All artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, and resellers can interact with each other. They even promote their partners. All you have to do it log into your account, take high-quality pictures of your work and upload it on their website, pack, and courier a piece as and when bought, and collect the money!

2. FineArtAmericaFineArtAmerica
Fine Art America is the world’s largest art marketplace and print-on- demand technology company. This American startup has participants consisting of not only illustrators, painters, digital artists but potterers, sculptors, and fashion designers.


It boats of millions of unique products like shower curtains, phone cases, spiral notebooks, towels, tote bags, etc. You can get your art printed on anything! It believes in supporting living artists worldwide.


It not only facilitates communication between buyers and sellers but also provides its artists with sales and marketing tools. And it’s all free!

3. Etsy

etsyIts motto “Shop for anything from creative people anywhere,” pretty much explains everything. It is one of the most coveted online stores for any artist. Since it’s inception in 2005, it has become the go-to place for lovers of handicraft art. Easy charges a nominal fee for each item you sell as commission, but its name and fame covers up for it. It has more than one million active users and is very user-friendly.

4. IndianArtIdeas

indianartideasThe Indian counterpart of Fine Art America, Indian Art Ideas has with several years of continuous hard work today created for itself a name focusing on the overall development of art and making Indian art popular in all corners of the world. It focuses on India artists’ works specializing in indigenous and folk art. If your art a Gond or a Madhubani artist, this place is for you!

5. FizdiFizdi-ReviewMantra

If you are into traditional, 100% hand printed art and are looking to sell original paintings, then fizdi.com is your platform. Just register yourself for the Artist Portal that helps Artists register and sell.


Registration, Display of Painting and Marketing activities are all free services provided by Fizdi for benefit of artists. The price is decided by you and a 40% of it at a commission. It is inclusive of transportation charges, Octroi and Payment Gateway Charges.


There are other global websites like Society6, Amazon, Redbubble, ArtRising, ArtFinder,Sistino, BoundlessGallery, and OriginalArtOnline. Don’t limit your portfolio to just one website — the more the number of your portals, the more outreach, and the more money!