From practicing fashion, to teaching it- The story of Sakshi Sagar

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Sakshi Sagar was pursuing courses in fashion media & makeup at the Pearl academy of fashion back in 2009. Her love for makeup and hair took her to London college of fashion where a course in fashion and editorial make up was chosen to get her passion deeply embedded in her profession.

I am a makeup lover, so when I was studying at Pearl Academy of Fashion, I decided to pursue my career and future in this field.sakshi-300x300

Sakshi got back to Delhi after her course only to start her own make up Studio & Salon in Gurgaon. She became famous for her jubilant works, at a very tender age and remarkable expertise with brands such as MAC.

“I currently serve in bridal, editorials, magazines & am a guest faculty at The Pearl academy of fashion,” says Sagar proudly.

We make beautiful moments ensuring our clients look the best on their special days and occasions!

Sakshi provides a dedicated team to every client to ensure that they get the most amazing beauty experience ever!

She has worked with famous celebrities like Tania Sachdev, Ruby Dhalla, Rashmi Uday Singh, and designers like Mayyur Gitora, SOLTEE. You can also see her work in magazines like Marie Claire. “I am passionate about beautiful brides,” says the founder.

The uniqueness in my work comes from the grassroots where my brush was given craftsmanship,” says Sakshi, the founder.

“I see a lot of new artists who concentrate only on social media, and do not work on improving their skills. Its completely important to invest in learning good techniques, your will see your work speaking for you!” she advises the future makeup artisans.

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