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The Game of Deception: How makeup is promoting you to follow the ideal image that beauty industry has built

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If you browse the internet on a daily basis, you are sure to find yourself submerged in the beauty jungle which keeps expanding its expanse day by day with extremely innovative beauty products that help you alter (temporarily and permanently) your features and change them according to your desires or the standards of the society. However, it does put out a deceptive image in front of the viewer .

Makeup Transformation Compilation - Female Deception
Makeup Transformation Compilation – Female Deception

It is true that makeup helps you re-invent yourself. However, with layers of makeup covering your actual skin, it leads to a deceptive look. The beauty market tells you that those layers are necessary to achieve this standard image that they have built of a seamless, flawless and appealing look but it just comes off as extremely fake and made-up sometimes if done wrong or over done in some cases . In no way do we want to suggest that makeup is wrong or should not be done but rather suggest not caking oneself up so much that the beauty that lies beneath those layers is overshadowed .

One such incident which is hilarious and will help us enlighten you about the deception of makeup, is that of an Algerian man who sued his newly wed wife when he saw her without her makeup and wig for the first time. The morning after their marriage the man was apparently shocked to see his wife’s natural face which according to him was “Filled up with makeup before their marriage”

He said that she looked extremely beautiful and appealing before marriage but the next day when she washed off her makeup she was unrecognizable and he thought of her as a thief . He found himself to be betrayed .

A lot of debates spark off on the internet when images of before and after makeup surface . The terms betrayal and deception are few of the most commonly used words that you may see in such debates .

Your makeup lies to men

Many feel that men and women conceal their insecurities by delving into a sea of makeup . However it is sad to know how true it is and how artificial beauty is appreciated owing to the beauty standards that movies and the beauty industry has set for women and men alike .

The aspects of one’s personality that one could glean from such pictures are far too limited . The makeup transformations are drastic which only compels the regular girls and women to put on such makeup to look beautiful.

Makeup is a norm and is essential for women but such deceptive makeup trends can make a woman look extremely different than the way she actually looks, which makes people being deceived into thinking of them as someone they are not. However, makeup being an influential instrument, it is essential to build a positive body image of oneself before using makeup, thus only using it to highlight not hide ones features.