The Garment Show of India: An array of creativity.

Garment Show of India


Don’t you just love saris with their six yards of pure gorgeousness? Not to mention the chic and trendy denim, with a tear here and a rip there! The rich cultural diversity of the Indian subcontinent has paved the way for a huge variety of clothing styles. With the Indian crowd in mind, the Garment Show of India brings to us a wonderful collection of clothing.

About the show

When is it happening: 17, 18 ad 19 Jun, 2018

Who all are participating: The fair is promoted through various road shows and promotional campaigns in cities like Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Ambala, Meerut, Jaipur, Amroha, Indore, Surat, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, NCR so that every small, medium and big retailer/manufacturer related to domestic garment industry is part of the show.

Who Organizes the showSAINA EVENTS is the organizer of the show has been coming up with regular publications for the apparel and textile industry by the name PERFECT SOURCING AND Apparel & Fashion which targets the domestic apparel industry of India.

Show details: Complete deails about the show can be seen a their officl website.


This particular show is replete with various hues of traditional clothing styles along with western, casual and comfort wear apparels. According to sources, India’s retail market is expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2020 and GDP is expected to increase by 8% over the next three years.

This will make India the world’s fastest-growing and developing market. Each of the Indian states has always had their own clothing styles. But now, owing to the growing market, they can easily represent their expertise in the garment industry.


In the light of our flourishing market economy, the garment show of India acts as the perfect place to represent the collection of clothes from various North Indian states. This is a b2b (business to business) show which perpetuates the amalgamation of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, brands, fashion designers and online retailers, all under one roof.

When everybody comes together in a place like this, they can market and advertise their products and increase their supply. The show consists of various kinds of clothing including comfort wear, sportswear, ethnic wear, western wear, denim wear, party wear, and regular/casual wear.

The Garment Show serves every age group starting from babies and kids to adults and the elderly. The variety in garments include ladies salwar kameez, elegant saris, trendy denims, ethnic kurtis, unique lehengas, etc. For men, there is a huge collection of formal wear, casual tshirts, jeans, and sportswear.

Not only these, they also have a variety of clothes for our young fashionistas. Lastly, you can even go on a treasure hunt to discover a variety of accessories and treat yourself with some pretty trinkets.


So are you ready to sneak a peek into the world of designer dresses and amazing clothes, yet? If not, you should be! The Garment Show of India is a great opportunity for retailers and the businessmen in the garment industry to showcase their creative talents. The show is a storehouse of clothes and garments that are unique and one of a kind.

The show will enable them to market their designs and creations to the people. In this process, the buyers will also be able to grab some beautiful pieces of clothing of good quality and texture. Through the means of several interviews, it was also observed that the shops focus on good quality clothing along with novel designs. Moreover, a truckload of research work goes into the making of these clothes.

Well, life is too short to wear boring clothes, right? So innovation and ingenuity is a must for us, and the garment show definitely serves this purpose. This show is the ultimate place where you can go on a shopping spree to satisfy your inner shopaholic!


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