Did you get your Diet right? If not, ‘Health and U’ has the perfect diet chart for you, personalized just for you!

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This week, we came in talks with Divya Chadha, about being an entrepreneur, her company and the inspirations that led to the launch of her brand, as well as some well as some advice for the budding entrepreneurs.

Nutrition is an intrinsic part of our lives, we cannot be lousy when dealing with it, we must keep a check on how we respond to the needs of our body, whether we are overdoing on calories and choosing the wrong ingredients and as a result harming our health. Normally, people these days subscribe to dieticians and nutritionists, because they are too busy to maintain their diet regimes themselves.

Divya Chadha, nutritionist/dietitian, entrepreneur, Health and U
Divya Chadha, nutritionist/dietitian, entrepreneur, Health and U

But not every dietician will plan out a diet chart that is suitable for you in every manner, we see cases where the diet is too strict or not at all compatible with the lifestyle that is led by the person for whom it has been made, or it is very difficult for the transition from our daily diet to a purely nutritional diet.

Keeping all these essentials in mind, Divya Chadha, came up with her brainchild, Health and U, which answers all these difficulties in the most laid down manner.

Starting with a little about the woman behind this creation, Divya Chadha, a Nutritionist/Dietician, is a well-known dietician in Delhi. She runs her own company called ‘Heath and u’, and has been actively working as a dietician from the past 6 years. Her qualifications include completing graduation in Nutrition Science from Himalayan University, Diploma in Dietetics Nutrition and Health Education, Weight Management, Specialization in Clinical Nutrition, Child Care Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Fad Diets, DNA Diets, Ayurveda Massages (certified by IGNOU and VLCC ).

Health and U is a unique establishment and its unique selling point lies in the diet plans that are personally charted out Divya herself. These plans, unlike most others, are always doable and customized according to the particular patient’s need. Tailor-made plans are designed for every individual, giving a lot of consideration to their body shape, travel schedules and time constrains.

Not just limiting itself to diet charts, Health and U adopts a different approach to achieve their mission, they not only target the problem but simultaneously try to target the cause of the problem so that the customers can achieve a permanent and a long lasting solution.

In this way, they help in nurturing the philosophy of eating right and recommend consuming local and wholesome meals rather than concentrating only on calories.

When asked about the motivating factor behind coming up with ‘Health and U’,Divya spoke of the mission that she holds dear which is to help people to achieve good nutrition and active lifestyle habits and help them to lead a healthy life, free from diseases.

In furtherance of this mission, Divya is also looking forward to open more clinics in Delhi and NCR, so that they can help more people in achieving good health. Their future plans include organizing health camps frequently in order to help poor people in achieving health and trying to provide them with free health check-ups and supplements.

On talking about being a successful entrepreneur, Divya points out the satisfying factor that it has, she says – “Satisfaction is not just in being an entrepreneur, satisfaction is meeting people who achieve positive results through my diet plans and regain their health and start living their life free from diseases.

At the end, we also asked for tips that an established entrepreneur like herself would like to give to the ones looking for a start-up, Divya gave us these three beautiful lines – “Work for satisfaction, don’t work for success and money. When you start providing results in terms of health to your patients, you will automatically start earning money and respect from your patients, it’s the policy of help and win.”