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Giving fashion a sustainable twist, Kirti Tula has brought “Doodlage”

doodlageKirti Tula was pursuing an internship with one of the fashion world’s most successful ventures. As would be with any fashion designing student, she was having a ball of a time. Until she began noticing that as a result of the scrupulous process to produce great quality products a huge amount of environmental damage was possible. Fabric was getting discarded due to minuscule variations in pattern design or colours, and Kirti wondered and as time passed understood they could be put to better use.

That’s when Doodlage happened.

Doodlage is a fashion brand by Kirti Tula- a designer by profession, working towards making the fashion industry a lot safer for the environment. After the oil industry, it is the clothing and textile industry which is the largest polluter in the world. A simple T-shirt, manufactured the usual way, wastes up to 2700 Litres of water. Remember Lake Bellandur in Bangalore where froth rose up and made life painful for the residents with torturous traffic and unbearable stench? One of the major reasons for the froth rising up on the rivers were the unreasonable levels of detergents in those waters- a major chemical in play at lakhs of textile mills. (Days after the frothing, National Green Tribunal quickly ordered the immediate shutdown of 97 polluting industries around the frothing affected lakes. This –interestingly- included many small-scale units involved in dyeing, washing, garments, laundry, and leather tanning, etc.)

BeFunky Collage3
Image: Ayushman Khurrana, Tapsee pannu and Kriti sanon in Doodlage outfits recently

However, with Doodlage, Kirti Tula has turned this game on its head. Doodlage recycles all those discarded bits of cloth to create unique new fashion- and it works! In 2015, 3 years after its inception Kirti Tula’s eco-friendly designs grabbed all eye-balls at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer’15 as a GenNext designer! Celebrities in Bollywood such as Ayushman Khurrana, Kriti Sanon, Tapsee Panu, etc. are often spotted wearing the fashion house’s trendy, sustainable designs. Not only are Doodlage’s designs all made out of recycled fabric, Kirti has also gone out to the effort of getting in organic cotton as well as fabrics like that of Corn and Banana.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly fashion has been going under innovations and research for over a decade or so. In 2007 Mark Liu displayed his “Zero-Waste” Fashion Collection at the London Fashion Week which was a milestone for the eco-friendly fashion sorority. Even so, Doodlage marks a revolutionary step in the growth of sustainable fashion in Indian markets.