Handle your handles like a pro and seize the most to your success- here are a few important tips to maintain and market your social media pages for greater result in business

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Have a brilliant idea, but don’t know how to sell it to the masses? Is the lack of exposure slowly killing your business? Realised that your talent alone is not enough to make it big? Here’s a list of things that might help you where you are lacking:

Pick a target audience

Everyone is not your customer

Whether you are an artist, an activist, an entertainer or a businessperson, pick a primary target audience. It could be based on age groups, culture, economic status, gender or any such parameters. Try to generate content by keeping your target audience in mind, and on how you can pique their interest.

Choose your platforms

Choose the platform that work for your business and reach your target market

It is equally important to pick your platforms as carefully as you pick your targets. Assume an interactive tone, but pick a formal or informal style to your communication. Respond to comments to establish presence and also make one-on-one contacts to establish trust and goodwill. While Facebook is a widely interactive platform, Twitter is fast-paced but concentrated. Snapchat, on the other hand has a personal approach. Choose accordingly what content is to be used as promotional tools on which platform.

Maintain regularity

AIB JAGRATA Kaneez Surka MOM ne porn dekhate pakad liya ab kya karu, All India Bakchod
AIB JAGRATA Kaneez Surka MOM ne porn dekhate pakad liya ab kya karu, All India Bakchod-LOL

All India Bakchod, or AIB is one of the most successful group of comic artists in India. Their shows, podcasts and sketches only come out once or twice a month. However, if you notice their Instagram page, they keep their followers engaged with #AIBJagraata which is usually an interesting question on which fans compete to give the most hilarious answers. Even if their actual product isn’t available all the time, the regular pattern in the interaction keeps the audience interested and looking forward to it.

Engage the audience

Create meaningful moments, engage your audience, & tell your story
Create meaningful moments, engage your audience, & tell your story

Keep your pages active at all times. Include activities, online polls, live videos, feedbacks and opinion sessions as a part of your social media presence. Try responding as much as possible, and take audience’s reactions and opinions into consideration. That elevates their trust, and improves the quality of your service. Keep the feed interesting with informative bits about your creative process, work environment, inspiration, and progress so on. Keep them on their toes.

Be minimal

Make good use of resources

Minimalism has great impact and also leaves the audience curious about what they are looking forward to. Make good use of logos, catchphrases, tag lines, and such artistic placements. Keep your posts mysterious but eye-catching.

Utilize images optimally

Utilize images optimally

Try depicting your message through an image as aptly as possible. Audience prefer images to texts, and would often skim over words if they are plainly written. Put them into an interesting format or position them accurately to get your audience to read it. It would be best if you could convey the whole point through an image and use text only when absolutely required.

Increase visibility

Activate your fans, don’t just collect them.

Either through advertisement, trending hashtags or good ol’ interaction, increase your views and establish a rapport with the crowd. Make your presence felt, try to implement schemes that would make your audience share/retweet/repost your content and popularize it among newer audiences.

Give them incentive

Satisfaction is a rating and loyalty is a brand

Once in a while, organise a contest or a lucky draw, and spice it up with benefits, giveaways or hampers. Give them a chance to work with you, announce a sale or a limited edition offer exclusively for the followers. It will help garner more regular and religious views, attract newer followers and thus, enable better visibility.

 Show them how it works

Show demo of your product.

Audiences seem to show greater interest if they get to know the ‘behind the scenes’ of how something works. Expose the audience to some of your work processes; it creates an image of transparency and sense of connection. Live videos and vlogs and such interfaces can be of great help to achieve this.

These are some tips on how to maintain and market your social media pages. Hope you found them useful!