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How to maintain your health when you sit all day in office

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The working section of people who sit all day have a slow lifestyle. Not getting enough movement for the body can take your health downhill. It is important to know how to maintain your well- being by putting in small efforts.

Stretch and do small movements: If moving around the area is not possible in your office, stretch your toes, arms, legs while sitting in your chair or even jump in one spot! Make sure you take small breaks in between and walk a little. Every movement counts.

Ditch the elevator and escalators: Always opt for stairs. They will warm you up, give you exercise and it’s even good for your heart! If your office is on a higher floor, split the ride up in half between stairs and the elevator.

Take Light Meals: Try to eat light. Eating a heavy meal would take more time to digest as you spend more time sitting. Add lots of vegetables and fruits to your lunch. Also pack dry fruits to snack on in the office. Make sure you eat something healthy every 2 hours. However, avoid stocking up on chips, cookies, candies etc.

Increase your water intake: Keep a water bottle on your desk and hydrate yourself as often as possible. Apart from the fact that you should drink water all day, you will also not feel hungry. You will feel full and not munch on unhealthy junk. Don’t stock up on soda at all. They are full of sugar and calories.

Walk as often as possible: Walk and talk whenever you get a call. Try to walk after your lunch too. You can also hold brainstorming meetings while walking. Ditch emailing or calling colleagues who are a couple of desks away. Rather walk up to them. Movement is important.

Step it out: If possible, cycle, run or walk before or after work. If you live far away, park your vehicle a couple of miles away from your office and walk the remaining distance. The more you walk, the better. It will compensate on sitting all day.

Work out: Try going to the gym or swimming or dancing whenever you get the time. If that is not possible, do simple exercises like sit ups, jumping jacks, abs  at home or run in the park nearby. Just push your body as much as you can. The results are going to be great.

Cut down on caffeine: Instead of gulping down coffee or tea all day while working, try different herbal teas like mint tea, lemon tea, cinnamon tea, etc. Also ditch consumption of sugar in these drinks to stay away from fat.

Take regular breaks: Leave your chair hourly and walk up to some spot like the water cooler just so that you can move. You can even put stick on notes near you which remind you to move regularly.

Stay away from junk food: Avoid going to restaurants and pubs to eat after work. Also try saying no in office when offered cakes, samosas, pizzas etc. It is okay eating out once in a while! You can even opt for healthy food- salads, tofu, soya etc.

A lot of people gain weight because of their desk job. Shedding off that weight is a long process. It’s better to not let the fat get on you in the first place. Try to follow the above mentioned suggestions and enjoy a healthy body!