How to Wear Makeup That Survives the Monsoon

The monsoon is a terrible time and quite scary. It is easy to make a wrong move and create a mess with your makeup in the rain. Although it seems an impossible mission to use makeup on rainy days and keep it intact until the moment you return home, achieving it is not impossible.

How to Wear Makeup That Survives the Monsoon

The trick is in the way of applying makeup, which makes all the difference in the final result. Follow the following tips to look perfectly adorned these few rainy months


The most important thing to beat the rain is a piece of small and very obvious advice. Make sure that all your makeup is waterproof. Although you apply the best bases, blushes, and others, if they do not have this quality, they will end up ruining your look. So, if you want to look sensational, you should invest in waterproof makeup.

Invest In a Moisture Resistant Base

The most significant difficulty that women face when trying to get flawless skin is the lack of resistance that the base has to moisture. As the rain is generally unpredictable and can catch us by surprise at crucial moments, it is necessary always to use a waterproof base, to avoid embarrassing situations and for the makeup to melt.

Another factor that requires a lot of attention is the way to apply the product. It has to prevent grease and dirt from reaching the makeup, as this will diminish its effectiveness. It also has to give preference to the use of sponges and brushes to apply the base, so that the grease of the hands does not interfere with the duration of the makeup. You can explore checking latest Moisture resistant online with Nykaa Coupons today to grab best-discounted rates.

Bet On Concealer

To give the ideal finish to makeup, the concealer is the best ally. Being water resistant makes all the difference. To cover imperfections that resist, also bet on a waterproof concealer, so that it does not interfere with the appearance of the skin during a rainy day. Also, avoid applying the product with your fingers, follow the same principle as with the previous product, this will ensure a flawless look for longer.

The best option is effective mascara to cover the lashes

Avoid ending the day with a blotchy eye, i.e., with eyelids stained with makeup, so you should be careful when choosing the mascara. It is preferable to leave the house with eyes made with water-resistant products. Choose a type of mascara that guarantees an attractive look, without the water spoiling your beauty.

Make the eye shadow and liner more resistant

On rainy days you should not overdo it with the eye shadow. But if you insist on using colors to highlight your eyes, we advise you to apply eye shadow in pen or cream form. These last longer and do not run.

Who says makeup should be simple on rainy days? Betting on liquid eyeliner will ensure that your eye style is perfect throughout the day. At the time of application, however, it is worth preparing the area with at first with compact powder, so that the duration of the product improves. If you are looking for some of the best brands for eye shadow then you can check available Amazon Offers to grab the best rates of the day.

Prefer a long-lasting lipstick with a matte finish

Matte lipsticks are ideal to guarantee a longer color life in the lips, preventing water and external effects from changing the appearance of the product. Therefore, whenever there is a situation where moisture is a problem, preference is given to lipsticks with a matt finish. Another good tip is to apply a layer of compact powder before using your favorite color of lipstick, a trick that will ensure that the lipstick is fixed better in the mouth.


Forget straight hair

If you’re like your hair straight, you’d better stay home on rainy days. Of course, that does not mean you have to do without it, because with the help of the flat iron you can tame rebellious hair very well. Unfortunately, the result does not really last long when it rains. For wavy hair, try to define your waves with specialized products for curly hair or styling elixirs.

Control frizz

With humidity, there is nothing better than an excellent anti-frizz product; such as serum, argan oil, etc.

Tie your hair back. Probably the humidity in the air will make it difficult to clean your hair in a lavish way. Keeping your hair can be difficult, if you have problems, take care of hair rings, since moisture can make ripples and waves hard to control. Reduce this effect by tying your hair with a clean, soft ponytail. It can still stay with frizz if you do not use any products to keep it, but the amount of frizz will be less noticeable.

Smooth your hair with gel. If you have short hair, ponytails and braids are not exactly an option you can enjoy. For a style that works on rainy days, straighten your hair with gel. This keeps your hair tidy, curl-free and in place, resulting in a moisturizing look that eliminates the urge to keep your hair dry.