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The impact of creativity: Here are the best fashion advertisement campaigns of all times

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Fashion is all about being imaginative and creative. Lots of perception and ideas go into an outfit to be fit for fashion. So in order to market their fashion, brands also adopt some ‘fashionable antiques’ which help the brand to leave an impression on consumer. Here we bring some Fashion advertisement and campaigns which have created ever lasting impressions.


#burberry kisses‘Burberry Kisses’, launched in partnership with Google, was one of the best of 2015. Despite not being related to the product, by using technology to create a personal connection with consumers, it succeeded in bringing the brand story to life.Allowing users to send a virtual kiss to a loved one, it generated interest from over 215 countries worldwide, with users spending an average of 3.5 minutes interacting with the ‘Kisses’ campaign.


da da ding nike

“DA DA DING” campaign was a marketer’s dream come true. It went viral, it created conversations and all of it was attributed to no one else but the brand. The timing was perfect with it coinciding with Rio Olympics. Women empowerment was a theme that was latched on by marketers this year and it struck the right chord with vocal and receptive online audience. For many this was a “finally” moment during regressive fairness cream ads. Historically, Nike has been talking to men and this one was a welcome change that encouraged the aggressive, raw spirit of women, encouraging them to take up sports, to “let’s go”.


#balmain sisters campaignFor their fall 2015 photo shoot, Balmain found three pairs of sisters to be the faces of the campaign – Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid and Joan and Betsy Smalls. All six girls are not only beautiful, but also helped the brand create buzz on social media thanks to their large followings of dedicated fans. The fashion label shot photos of girls as a group of six, as well as individual photos of each pair of sisters to explore the unique bond that siblings have – with a hint of sibling rivalry included.

Céline & Joan Didion


Literary icon Joan Didion, famous as a literary journalist and an intellectual winner of many book awards, became the face of a major fashion campaign. She was featured in the spring 2015 ads for Céline at the age of 80. The image of her in a chic black sweater and oversized dark sunglasses was decidedly one of the most memorable fashion campaigns of the year by showing that cool has no age limit.

The fashion ads are being more and more fashionable thanks to daring models, imaginative photographers and rising technology. The advertisements have been edgy, classy, empowering, daring, and soft but all of them had one thing in common i.e. bringing fashion together.