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Indian e-commerce companies just up for the money?

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover “is a very famous saying, similarly nowadays we cannot judge the product inside the carton just by the outer beautiful packaging.

Have you ever opened your delivered package and found a torn old shoe in it?

Major shockers are the failure details of your wanted packages or late deliveries that leave you panting for the online ordered things. Well, these are the major issues why Indian e-commerce companies should focus more on quality service.

 Indian e-commerce companies should focus more on quality service
Indian e-commerce companies should focus more on quality service

When was the last time that you went on a hunt in the busy and congested markets, travelling for hours just to buy yourself a good clutch or a dress? In this tech-driven era, most of the people buy stuff online including the groceries (big basketers).

In India the fashion of buying online has got everyone hooked to their laptop and phone screens and with jaw-dropping sales, e-commerce websites have managed to earn good revenue from it and it has also contributed a lot towards the growth of the e-commerce industry. According to a survey by an advisory firm RedSeer Management Consulting, which is specialized in e-commerce market research, on the RedSeer E-tailing Leadership Index (ELI), Flipkart stands with a score of 95 ahead of Amazon at 87, while Snapdeal came in a distant third at 66. Paytm was close to Snapdeal with a score of 65, while ShopClues and eBay India scored 59 and 56, respectively. The survey considered three broad metrics: trust in a brand; product assortment and prices; and the overall buying experience in terms of ease of using the e-commerce platform, delivery speed/consistency of orders and ease of product returns or cancellations. This survey clearly proved that the people nowadays prefer shopping, be it of any type, from the comfort of their home or even while working or travelling as none of us want to waste our time testing our patience in the busy buzzing markets for even small things.

For gaining customers trust and loyalty troubleshooting is what is needed to be done, like increasing product assortment, offering attractive prices ,delivering products faster and most importantly easy and fast return policy, complaints redressal and feedback.

People nowadays prefer shopping from the comfort of their home
People nowadays prefer shopping from the comfort of their home

Being a second largest market of consumers, excluding the customer’s satisfaction is a no choice in the long run for the e-commerce websites as with new startups every day the competition is huge and your once loyal customer can switch to another if the services weren’t improved. Plethora of choices are available to the people now-a-days, like when you go out to buy even a lemon but you buy it from your routine vendor just because you know that he will give you that extra ‘dhaniya’ free with the lemons. So that is how the online players need to play if they want to stand in the long run of the e-commerce.

It is not easy to gain customers and to maintain them is even tougher. Customer is regarded as the king and thus it is very important to satisfy his needs and fulfill his demands so that he comes back to the same website again.