Instagram can boost Graphic Designers’ career prospects.

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Social media sites have taken the world by a storm. So, if you have a startup business or you want to sell your creative work as a graphic designer, we recommend that you use Instagram to its full potential. By sharing quality images and visuals, you can attract the attention of millions of Instagram users who will start following you on this photo-sharing platform and become potential clients. Thus, market your skills and graphic design work on Instagram. Still not convinced? You have heard of the renowned Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. He bought an outstanding work of art after he spotted the same on Instagram. No matter whether you want to enhance your presence on this picture-sharing platform or want to start from scratch through Instagram, you can sell your logo design or poster design skills.

Instagram can boost Graphic Designers’ career prospects.

It is never too late if you want to grow your fan following on social media. Here are a few tips to use Instagram and give your career the required boost:

Make Your Instagram Profile Look Professional
If you want to grow your career as a graphic designer on Instagram, your profile should look serious and professional. The greatest benefit is that you can add a link to your Instagram stories when you have more than 10,000 followers. Does it sound a bit difficult? Fret not. Your followers will grow with time if you keep posting quality images, videos, and content related to graphic design. When you have a business account, you can use the analytics that will help you understand the peak times for your posts. Take some time out and study the data to figure out when your fans liked and engaged with your content. Post more content during that time.

Connect with Your Prospects
Instagram has a purpose. The social platform wants its users to interact with other users and improve engagement. Connecting with your target customers and highlighting your design work will help you attract more followers. There are two ways to do it. First is that you can follow back the people who follow you. Try to like the post of fellow graphic designers who share the same passion as you. They may like your post provided you post some unique items that you have designed. Secondly, you can also leave a comment to show that you are interested in their content. Do not make comments like ‘Nice image.’ Such remarks sound spammy. You are a graphic designer. Therefore, write something like ‘The logo design has smart use of white space.’ Such a comment will show that you know about the nuances of design.

Keep Posting Different Images
If you continue posting the same kind of pictures or videos, your audience will get bored. Your posts will feel drab and repetitive. Add some spice to your Instagram posts by changing the images frequently. That does not mean you have to post something too flashy. Share content that is new and unique. Avoid posting something that you have shared a week back. If you are posting logo designs most of the time, try sharing something different. Use a short video of your work-in-progress. You can also share ‘behind the scenes’ of how you work when you design a logo graphic. Post images and videos alternately for a little variety. How about Instagram Live? You can look for inspiration by visiting sites like Gramblast.

Try Experimenting
You can use Instagram in a number of ways. But all the methods will not apply. Therefore, experiment on Instagram. If you are planning to try a new technique to promote your posts, monitor its performance. If you have posted visuals about the logo design process, did it attract many likes? How many users commented on the same? On the contrary, if that post received only a handful of likes and comments, make a note of that as well. If a particular post is not doing well on Instagram, ditch that method and try something new. Again, if a specific post attracted multiple likes and comments, take that as a lesson and keep sharing content that Instagram users like.

Use Hashtags Wisely
Use Instagram hashtags to let others find your content. Hashtags are robust search tools. Try using five or seven of them in your posts. Avoid using hashtags such as #design that is overused on Instagram. You will find such hashtags used in millions of posts on Instagram. Overly popular hashtags will push your posts down on the Instagram timeline as soon as you post it. That is because the other users on Instagram are using the same hashtag. Therefore, use hashtags that are not commonly used. It will increase the visibility of your content.

Avoid Hard Selling
Do not hard sell your content on Instagram. Your audience will not like the idea that you are engaging them because you want to sell them something. Therefore, when writing captions related to your logo, talk briefly about the design. Write authentic captions that say something about who you are, even if you are trying to sell your skills. Potential clients will like your content and support you if they like your work and you as a graphic designer.

Post Consistently
If you want to post once or thrice in a day on Instagram, make sure that you do it consistently. On a day, if you do not have something meaningful to share, leave it. Take your time and create an eye-catching illustration. When you are through with it, post that design after a day or two. Instagram users like quality over quantity.

You may start by trying all of these or just a few of them to grow your graphic design career on Instagram. Irrespective, try to inculcate different ways to enhance your visibility on this picture-sharing platform. This is because every account is unique with different behaviors. Track which content or posts drive maximum engagement. Change your Instagram strategy accordingly. Use Instagram and inject some fun and humor to hook with your target audience. It will take some time, but the strategy will pay off over the years. Post your best graphic design work and you will grow your followers.