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Jeweleratti- when intricately crafted silver jewellery meets traditional Indian art and architecture.

Playing dress-up begins at the age of five, but truly, this game never really ends. Age is definitely just a number when it comes to dressing up and wearing some precious stones. Jewellery is, in fact, one such thing that’d shift people’s attention from your wrinkles to those that twinkle.

It is like the perfect spice- always complements what’s already there. And judging the importance of jewellery in the life of women, we now have an increasing number of courses as well as people to help us with the production of unique and original designs.

Jewellery designing is not only gaining momentum abroad but also in countries like India.

However, one aspect that puts India apart from the rest of the world is how the designers here mingle tradition with trend. The designers of art pieces here make sure that they perfectly blend culture with modern art. Out of the many designers, one emerging face is that of Garima Backliwal, the founder of the jewellery brand Jeweleratti.

Garima Backliwal, Founder, Jeweleratti
Garima Backliwal, Founder & designer, Jeweleratti

Garima Backliwal was born and brought up in Jaipur, in a family that has been dealing with gemstones and jewellery since time immemorial. One of the oldest magazines of all times, “Diamond World”, which covers the topics of gemstones and jewellery, is published by her family.

Her father and grandfather are the publisher and editor of that magazine. Besides immediate family members, her uncles too are in the business of gemstones and jewellery. Being surrounded by precious stones all her childhood, she was immensely fascinated by the sparkle, shine, form and shape of the gemstones.

To fulfil and study about elements that fascinated her, she pursued her education in Jewellery Designing and Gemmology. Moreover, Jaipur, a city of Rajasthan, is known for its traditions, cultures and conventions.

Everything in the state of Rajasthan has a different look altogether due to the heritage and legacy of the state. Thus, the adornments too overflooded with ancestry and traditional outlook. This is one aspect that is clearly outlined in the jewellery of Jeweleratti.

Garima was married at a tender age of twenty in a family in Delhi that dealt with handicrafts, artefacts and precious objects from the late 1800s. Thus, even after marriage, she was encompassed with traditional art and craft. Her husband too owns a store dealing with similar articles and artefacts.

To add to what influenced her, she was quoted saying, “The city Delhi with lots of monuments, with traditional Indian carving, intricate work, always fascinated and intrigued me.”

Jeweleratti design

All these factors led her to start-up a business of her own. Two years ago, in 2016, she launched her brand ‘Jeweleratti’. Even though she had a background that would support her venture, her journey wasn’t a cakewalk.

The biggest obstacle, in her words, was “the self-conviction to start an enterprise in presence of an already established enterprise”.

Having to start afresh, from scratch, was what challenged her the most. And relying on the already established business was something she wouldn’t have preferred; thus, the struggle became real. But like she says, “Follow your heart and have patience about things falling into place”.

That’s exactly what she did and also advices her fellow entrepreneurs to do. In spite of the confusions and hindrances, the biggest satisfaction that comes her way is the freedom that she experiences to express and guide her business.

She creates pieces that impress her, and not follow what the market trends are.

Jeweleratti design
Jeweleratti design

Being an entrepreneur, Garima has her own forte of jewellery designing. The characteristics of her work highlight neo-traditional aesthetics, refined crafting quality and consistent design innovation.

In her words, her work displays “Intricately crafted silver jewellery inspired by traditional Indian art and architecture that can be paired with traditional dressing and modern dressing”. But what makes her art authentic and one-of-its-kind is the originality of designs, finely crafted work and the use of natural gemstones.

Apart from having a favourable family background, she herself is highly qualified in the field of jewellery designing. She was awarded a certificate of merit, by the Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India, in the year 2000, for Gemmology.

Taking one step at a time, Garima is making sure to fulfill and accomplish all her dreams through Jeweleratti. With westernization and globalization taking place, she aims to promote Indian art and craft globally through her designs. She aspires to make the retail of her jewellery pieces international.

That’s a goal every Indian would be proud of. Seeing an Indian product flourish abroad is truly a matter of pride and contentment.

So what are we waiting for? It’s time we check out her designs and fall in love with our traditions once again. As we all know, tradition and heritage can never go out of fashion, so investing in Jeweleratti should be a safe bet. Besides, a lady, who despite having an established family business, dares to have an enterprise of her own, that too in the same profession as her family, is a commendable fact.

She has set an excellent example for all of us to follow what we dream of, and to make sure that the ambition is self-directed and not a puppet of others. So, its time to wake up to rise and shine!