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Key promotional tactics to attract customers in the modern age

In today’s world, promotion is one of the main roads to success. Whether it’s a movie or a fashion/makeup brand or a website that you developed or even your social networking accounts. The more you promote, the more people take interest. Promotion is the most effective way to reach out to a large number of people from various walks of life. And now with the advent of internet and social media, promoting your business or even yourself couldn’t get easier.

This is especially true for start-ups; be it fashion, beauty or lifestyle. They never cease to come up with various innovative ideas to promote their brands and products.


A brand is a worthless if it doesn’t CONNECT with right audiences in a relevant way.

What is in a name? Oh but there’s so much to it. To begin with, that’s the first thing people notice about a brand, so entrepreneurs design an attractive and classy logo along with a name and a catchy tag line for their start-up brand. After all, first impression is the last impression.

Business cards would be the second step in the process. Printing lakhs of business cards and casually handing them out to whoever they meet is an old but sure shot tactic of promotion.



They are almost always effective even if not immediately. Although, now days a quick WhatsApp message does the work, you’ll      always find a stack of business cards in the pockets or purses of emerging entrepreneurs. Somehow this feels more personal.

Social media promotion

Social media promotion

At this age marketing, social media or blogs and websites are the number one choice simply because it has a wider reach and that’s exactly what is needed. Creating your own website, having an account on all social media platforms talking about the brand and why it’s different from others of its kind is a very common strategy of promotion.


Blogs are too a popular form of expressing your views and opinions hence, it is also a very good platform to talk about your company The internet has so much to offer and entrepreneurs must know exactly how to use it to their benefit.

Have you ever gone to a mall and seen a certain makeup brand or an educational institution setting up stalls and giving out free samples and pamphlets and educating the customers about their product and name? That’s one of the most interesting, personalized and ensured way of promotion. Even in the streets you may see people distributing pamphlets and booklets ensuring that it reaches as many people as possible.


Movie promotion at lulu mall

Education related companies sometimes reach out to schools and colleges and engage the students in their promotional activities as part of an assignment for which the students are graded. They engage in making creative posters and wall paintings and even rallies, marches and seminars are conducted. This not only ensures that their promotional activities make an impact but also the students get to learn a lot through the activities.

Now days entrepreneurs have gone above the quintessential advertising platforms like T.V and radio and embraced more creative and interesting ways of promotion live such as via street plays. Customers can get bored easily and automatically are attracted towards more fanciful and out of the box ideas of advertising.

QR code startup company promoting in unique style.

QR code startup company promoting in unique style.

As a startup company, in the beginning months or years, it is crucial to promote the company extensively since the more people know about the company, the more they are likely to take interest in it. Emerging entrepreneurs make sure they are on top of their game when it comes to campaigning and promoting their company and ensuring they are the apple of their customer’s eye and remain that way.