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These kitschy trendy bags are hand crafted to match that edgy outfit in your wardrobe, meet the mind behind the creations!

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Starting from a graphic designer, then an art director and now a BAG DESIGNER! She’s done it all, Sara Tarshouby who launched her company tempt.eg is just 32 years old and a growing entrepreneur.

After living in Australia for 8 years, completing her studies, getting married and raising her kids Sara dared to dream further and was resolute to start from the scratch again.

Sara Tarshouby, designer, entrepreneur
Sara Tarshouby, designer, entrepreneur

Upon her comeback to Egypt 2 years ago, she worked in Graphic Design and managed quickly to prove herself among several advertising and graphic design companies working as a freelancer, she got promoted to an Art Director and established herself among magazines like ‘The Loop’ and ‘Elite’.

After all this a 32-year old hidden designer came out of her, Sara who claims to not have been extremely crafty went from reshaping some bags at her hand for family and friends, to selling them at a store further only to sell a new bag collection every month and in less than a year she proved herself in designing bags.

She faced many challenges ranging from not being much aware about the market to building a team and finding workers. Don’t get her wrong if she ever seemed hesitant to take the next step, because she is eager to take it anyway. She insists to make it her full time job, and she’ eager to learn all over again and presently has 15k followers on Instagram!

One of the beautifully hand crafted bags
One of the beautifully hand crafted bags

So, have a look on her designs, a waist kind of bag; easy to carry, elegant in its look, covered in fancy jewellery and all kinds of other materials like faux fur even!

She’s having a display coming this November 2017 at the Cairo Fashion Festival, make sure to have a look at her designs at either of these social media platform, or just visit Cairo maybe!