Lakshmi Bhatia beautifies spaces through her Home Décor Company, Kivik Designs

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Lakshmi Bhatia, Founder, Kivik Designs

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who wanted to beautify houses. Her dream was to start a business of her own, without the help of anybody else. She kept on going strong, with moral support from her parents and did everything to make sure that her dreams fulfill. But, one day, her world came crashing down when her parents left this world for heavenly abode.

That little girl’s name is Lakshmi Bhatia and she always wanted to prove her mettle to the world. Her life may have changed, but she was the same girl who was out there, working hard to achieve something on her own.

Kivik Design

She started her company, Kivik Designs, a brand that designs and sells home décor and lifestyle products. Kivik Designs was named after the names of Lakshmi’s parents as she wanted their blessings in whatever she did in her life.


Kivik Design

Lakshmi’s designs are very modern, fun, quirky and full of bright pop colors. The best part about her products is that they are pocket-friendly, which enables Kivik Designs to reach a large number of clients.
The USP of her company is that she herself adds a personal touch to every product at every point; be it from the designing stage or the production stage to the point of dispatch and delivery.
Lakshmi is only 25 years old, but even at this tender age, she has made a name for herself and is proud to have done it all by herself. She now dreams of taking the designs of Kivik Designs to an international level.


Kivik Design

This young girl’s journey has just started and she is very commendably building her own empire, like a true Queen. We would like to end this story by telling you, what advice she would like to give to all the budding entrepreneurs. She says,
“Don’t give up on your dreams, remember to stay patient in every set back because, the harder the struggle, the more glorious is the triumphant moment.”
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