The lens of a filmmaker: Talking to Devir Singh Bhandari

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Usually, our entrepreneurial features, include people who provide some products or services. But, today we have someone who communicates to the masses using a medium most of us only think of as entertainment. Here’s the story of Devir Singh Bhandari, who is the Chairman of DSB Group, a full-fledged film production house and DSB Foundation.

Devir on a shoot recce in Kalimpong

Devir’s beginnings can be traced to an army background, being taught to never stop taking risks and chasing his dreams in doing so. He was a filmmaker from his first day, creating stories, writing scripts, knowing that he will be showing them on screen one day. It doesn’t take much to stand out except the will and the skill, and Devir had both. He is not only a filmmaker but a visualiser, a golfer and a compulsive traveler. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Noida (Batch of 2014), where he learned the various aspects of film and TV.

After several internships at Yash Raj Studios, ABP News, Film City (Noida), and volunteering at a TEDx Conference in Madagascar, South Africa, and several other charities. Devir’s filmmaking venture, “Celebrating Life”, a film made for an International Workshop on Cancer Awareness: Early Detection and Prevention for SAARC Nations, received several accolades on its release. The film was released by a gathering of several eminent personalities, from Health Minister Delhi State Shri Satyendar Jain to Health Minister of Pakistan, Saira Afzal Tarar. The film received colossal appreciation and was circulated to be broadcast in all SAARC nations, USA, UK, South Africa, Canada and Switzerland.

Devir rolling the praying wheel in Durpin hill, India, during one of his visits for his next film
Devir rolling the praying wheel in Durpin hill, India, during one of his visits for his next film

Devir is also producing his first Television Show ” Journey To Fame ” a biopic on eminent personalities of India which will be airing this year. Personalities like Anu Malik, Ram Jethmalani and Vijay Krishna Acharya are a part of it. He is also in talking terms with a few channels to host a TV SHOW on Indian Army under the banner.

He is writing a book aswell, for which when asked he said ” Let it be undercover for now, let the pages fold on its own “.

So what makes Devir so unique? It’s probably the undying passion he has had for film-making from day one, and the ‘never give up’ spirit. Devir has a fabulous team working with him, and he looks up to all his colleagues as mentors and guides, who advise him at every stepping stone. They endeavor to address the micro needs of the digital entertainment industry and are fascinated by the ever-changing revolution that the digital industry is in. Always up for a challenge, and ready for cutting edge technologies, DSB group is always up to grab any opportunities.

Under DSB Group, Devir plans to get a television series and web series out by the end of every year. He believes that if he can script films, he can work on mini-series too, and wants to attempt it. He plans to have DSB’s first Bollywood release out in a span of 3 more years, thus, in 2020. He also plans to launch few mini-film cities in India, under the name ‘DSB Film City’ which would have high-end equipment, and also will have small duration courses for amateurs and beginners.

The best part about his job, he claims, is that he is working towards his own dream. He gets paid for working on his own set goals, and not someone else’s. All the efforts are out of pure passion. He says that in the initial years you might have to take care of the business, but in the later years, the business takes care of you. He wants to work hard till 27, settle down, get a RR Phantom Coupe and the Harley CVO and travel the world.

If he had one piece of advice for newbies, it’d be to never stop dreaming, explore and to travel as much as possible. Devir says that travel has been one of his best teachers. He warns newbies to invest wisely and not be careless about it. A mind aware of what happens around the world shall be helpful in the long run.

You can connect to DSB Group, via their website. You can also get in touch with Devir via his email – devir@dsbep.com.