Let’s ‘Glam n Gleam’ it up: In conversation with Puja Mehta & Aastha Chopra

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We all enjoy running away or at least getting away from our personal problems for a while. It is needed to get the peace of mind and have some calm. However, that’s not always the answer. Puja Mehta & Aastha Chopra, the founders of the blog ‘Glan n Gleam’ enjoyed trading in the challenges of office life for the one at home. However, they always craved to do more.

Puja Mehta, Co-founder, Glam N Gleam

Always having been strong, self-assured career women, they followed their passion for fashion and founded Glam n Gleam, a style blog that shares the latest in fashion and beauty trends along with showcasing talented and accessible fashion designers. They show fashion in its most relatable and accessible form.

They started their blog as an avenue to address the new age Indian woman, who is modern and wants to be stylish regardless of her age, weight or stage in life. They highlight style as a part of everyday life whether you are heading to a board meeting, or simply going to pick up your child from school. Every woman deserves to feel good about herself and their blog is about instilling a sense of self-love and a positive body image for all women.

Their mantra is ‘Vanity, no apologies’ which inspires all women to enjoy everything that life has to offer. They are both women of different body types, but they don’t shy away from dressing up. Puja tells us, “Since, Delhi-NCR is known around the country for its fashion-conscious women, being surrounded by a plethora of good designers we felt that our blog could help create a platform to showcase upcoming and lesser known designers to the fabulous women all around who simply want to look good and in turn feel good”.

Every firm has its phases of ups and downs. For Puja and Aastha, balancing family, career, and passion was a tough act in the extremely competitive and dynamic environment of the fashion world. However, their ‘never back down’ attitude and the support of their family helped them to stay focused and in good moods. “Having started this endeavor with a fellow fashionista and friend, we are a constant support system for each other”, says Puja.

Aastha Chopra, Co-founder, Glam N Gleam
Aastha Chopra, Co-founder, Glam N Gleam

Being an entrepreneur is a big risk of holding your destiny in your own hands. However, The freedom to define and drive your own success is a great motivator. The fact that they can choose their direction in collaborating with designers and brands that have the same vision and awareness as ‘Glam n Gleam’ makes the endeavor more significant.

We aspire to become the poster child for ‘Age no Bar’ for real women and their love for fashion as a life-long affair” commented Puja, when we asked her about the future plans for ‘Glam n Gleam’.

Their advice to others is that you should find your own path and not imitate what is out there. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, but know how to take constructive feedback and don’t shy away from hard work.