From listening to music to making music: Here is Jappy Bajaj for you

Dropping out of school in your early teens and following your passion right then isn’t easy and isn’t always in your favor. Especially in a country like ours, if you drop out from school, you shut a lot of career options for yourself. However, Japneet Singh Bajaj changed his destiny after dropping out from school at the age of 14. Jappy is a professional DJ, an Anchor, and a full-time entertainer.

Jappy Bajaj

His love for music began at the times when the only source of music was either TV or activity classes. He even transferred from arts to dance just to listen to some good music. He got his first ever MP3 player when the family moved to Delhi. He would go to functions to observe the music the DJs played there and always kept his music updated. Later, a friend gave him the opportunity to learn the art of DJing and asked Jappy to work for his brother. After he took up the offer, there was no turning back.

He never really had a music idol to look up to but, the work of ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ always fascinated him. As he’s been in the business for very long, he has the ability to read his audience’s’ mood and plays songs as per that. He seldom gets any requests as he plays the songs his audience needs. “I’m not like most other DJs who only focus on playing latest tracks or the tracks that people already know and are listening to all day on their TV sets, phones, radios and everywhere else. Rather, I play that stuff which I think can blow people’s mind, the tracks they used to listen and love a lot, the tracks that they have forgotten and make them replenish their memories associated with those tracks and make them happy”, says Jappy.

Jappy Bajaj performing live

Apart from being a DJ, he is also a rapper and a lyricist. As a rapper and a lyricist, you have to be good with words and he knows pretty well how to rhyme them which many artists in the industry are lacking. He doesn’t believe in genres and hence, keeps on experimenting with different genres and music.

He doesn’t really have a favorite band or a musician but has a lot of favorite songs as he loves some good music.

I still experience the same excitement and happiness during every live performance of mine. It was a magical experience as so is every other performance” Jappy answered when we asked him about his experience while performing.

His favorite musical moments are related to ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’. The first ever track he released was a tribute to YoYo and Jappy rapped about YoYo’s greatness. His other favorite moment was when he opened a show as a rapper where YoYo was set to perform later.

He enjoys watching movies, cartoons, stand-up comedy, eating good food and hanging out with friends. However, each time his heart comes back to music.

His latest track is the one for which he has received the most love and appreciation for. It is a desi hip-hop party song. Not just Jappy’s fans, even many other artists in this field have appreciated his work and art. The video was very special and different from others in many terms, one such being the fact that it is a one-take video. He worked really hard for it and he feels amazing and grateful for the love and support.