“Doing what you love is the secret to success” proves Priti Singhvi with the success of Paparazzi Closet

Waking up every morning and “wanting” to go to work is one thing and “having” to go, is another. With the pace that our lives have now taken, some of us forget that all of the hard work put in is for ourselves so that we can lead happy lives. Some of us sacrifice our happiness for the sake of money and take up jobs which we hardly care for. Is money the only way one can earn happiness? In my opinion, the happiness earned out of money is extremely short lived. Won’t you be happier if you could wake up each morning with a feeling of “wanting” to go to work?

Priti Singhvi, each day would wake up with the same feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness until one day she decided that what she wanted was far more important than what she needed. That moment on she didn’t look back and went on to pursue her passion and love for fashion with the creation of Paparazzi Closet. Paparazzi Closet is an online fashion store which deals in designer outfits for women and makes buyers go gaga over their unique, trendy and fashionable collection.

Priti finished graduating as a banking and insurance student and took the route to what she was “expected” to do. She started her career as a corporate woman but her love for fashion could not keep her away from what she “wanted” to do, for too long.

With the fierce competition in the market, it was not going to be easy for Priti to set a mark in the market. Nonetheless, Priti moved into the business with courage, guts, hard work and compassion. The challenges she faced initially did make it tough to carry on as a business but this is where perseverance came into being. Priti constantly pushed her ends, didn’t give up and ultimately emerged as an achiever.

It doesn’t take long for people to recognize quality and Paparazzi Closet offers that. Does quality always come in extreme prizes? Think once again. Paparazzi Closet is very pocket-friendly and provides women with fashionable attires to adorn themselves in while respecting each woman’s spending desire and pattern.

Once Paparazzi Closet commits to you, they make sure to make you a part of their family. They maintain personal relations with their clients and never fail to impress them. Who knows? You might just receive a shining bright package from them on your door step on the morning of your birthday.

Mastering her skills in marketing and human resources Priti also made sure that her love for fashion did not go unnoticed and just establishing Paparazzi Closet was not enough. She made sure that Paparazzi Closet offered a new line of design every second day so that her clients never got bored and every time they opened the website, they had something new to buy. After all, fashion is a rapidly changing industry.

With so many stars shining brightly over Priti’s head, it wasn’t long before Paparazzi Closet started working with Actors in music videos and TV shows. Recently, she worked with TV actress Urvashi and dancer Shakti Mohan, but those are just a   few of her medals to flaunt.

Priti aspires that one day she would be successful enough to see women dressed in their best attire and that when people would think “best attire”, they would think of “Paparazzi Closet”.

Priti believes that becoming an entrepreneur has given her the control of her life in the real sense. Now, she not only has control over her income and work but can also give time to herself which she deserves being the successful woman she is. “Having the liberty to do what you love is the most important thing in today’s life,” she tells Flairtales.

Holding her head up high Priti wants all the aspiring entrepreneurs to know that working with passion and doing what you love is the right way of moving towards one’s goals than running behind what is needed, that way one can achieve more than they had ever dreamt of.