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Loving yourself: why it is so important and how to get started if you haven’t really been considering it

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Before we can make others happy, we must learn to live and be happy with ourselves. Sometimes we get so busy looking after and thinking about others, we completely overlook the fact that we matter too.

We get so busy looking for someone to complete our existence that we forget to ask ourselves, are we really that incomplete?

Blaming ourselves or focusing on our own faults and insecurities is actually much easier than blaming others or justifying how others can be so different from our perceptions of them; so it is easy to understand why we keep going back to the toxic tendency of being hard on ourselves.


Why is so much emphasis being put on something so trivial like self-love? Mostly because learning to love yourself is one of the best favors you can do for yourself. Being in love with yourself will boost your self-confidence and make you realize your self-worth.

It’ll teach you how to feel good about yourself and will also fill your life with positive vibes. You may also find it easier to fall in love with another person if you fall in love with yourself first and realize exactly what you’re looking for.

Loving yourself will help you lead a much happier life and it’ll also help you take the best care of yourself.  By being fully content with yourself, you will be able to stop comparing yourself to others or worrying about what others think of you.

It’s fine if you haven’t previously thought much about being your own savior. Here is a list of the things you can try on your journey towards self-love.

Learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes

It’s okay; we are only human, we all make mistakes once or twice. Reflecting on your previous poor choices is fine; it can help you forgive, forget and eventually move on.

But regretting or thinking about what could have happened is not going to help in any way. Let your past be a lesson, nothing more. So what? You made a few mistakes. The world is still standing, isn’t it?

Enjoy your own company

Save some time for yourself- fix a few days just for you to explore something fun and new by yourself. Having fun on your own can help you be more confident.

Try going for a movie or going out to taste a famous delicacy. One of the primary reasons we sacrifice our own happiness to please others is that the society has always threatened us about the dangers of ending up alone.

But think about it, isn’t it better to actually be alone than being with someone who makes you feel lonely?

Remove toxic people from your life

Learning to love yourself will help you see the true colors of people you surround yourself with. There will be people who love and cherish you and know your value.

But there will also be people who are only in your life to bring you down. It can be your closest friend who takes you for granted or even a family member who thinks you are nothing but worthless.

Don’t hesitate to put yourself first and cut these people from your life completely or take necessary means to decrease their influences on you.

Allow yourself a few breaks

Cut yourself some slack. Sometimes it is easy to be hard on ourselves and that’s natural. But chasing an abstract ideal like perfection is a waste of your time.

Take a few breaks from time to time- life is an organized chaos anyway.

Put aside 30 minutes from your daily schedule for complete relaxation– meditate, read a book or take a warm bath. You can’t control everything around you, so just accept them and go with it.

Travel more

Travelling will help bring you out of your comfort zones and make you realize there’s so much more to life. Taking a solo trip can sound intimidating at first, but it’ll be a memorable experience for you.

You will learn so much about yourself. Travelling can help you take your mind off of things of lesser importance and help you come out of your daily boredom. You’ll also get to explore and know about new cultures and people. Let’s not romanticize it as much as movies do, but it will be worth it for sure.

Learn how to say no

Sometimes we tend to overextend ourselves for the approval of others. We commit to ventures we don’t really want to embark on in our fear of disappointing others.

We sometimes neglect the fact that if somebody else’s happiness comes at the price of our own, then how is it worth it? This is why it is so important to learn to say no from time to time, you should not apologize for focusing on yourself if something is overwhelming you.

Start maintaining a journal

Keeping a diary can help you be eloquent about your feelings and emotions if you find it hard to express them. You can go back to your previous thoughts and analyze how successfully you have coped with certain situations.

This can help you feel more confident and brave. This will also help you positively review past negativities, thus helping you focus on the good things and learn from the bad ones.

Make a list of all your achievements

All of your accomplishments matter, no matter how minor they are according to others. If that little achievement is significant enough for you, add it to the list. This will help you feel good about yourself and looking at your accomplishments will make you happier.

Sometimes we all tend to be focused on the negative things and ignore the positives. On those days, your accomplishment list will remind you what you have achieved and how far you have come.

Consider new interests and challenges

It is great to try your hands at something that you wanted to try for a long time but never had the time to, or something that you never thought you could do.

You never know what you’ll start liking, so say yes to something you normally wouldn’t say yes to. It can be learning a new language, trying an adventure sport or performing in front of a crowd. Surprise and challenge yourself without bothering much about what could go wrong.

Just get out of your comfort zone, give it a go, and see where that takes you.

Give yourself some credit where credit is due

We all could use a little pat on the back once in a while. Celebrate your accomplishments when they deserve to be celebrated. Share your experiences, talk to people about it and most of all, be proud of your achievements.

Celebrate by treating yourself or taking a small break. Have faith in yourself and your capabilities in knowing what’s best for you and what your limit is. Don’t feel hesitant about giving yourself the credit you deserve.

So, be the best version of you by learning how to love yourself. Once you do, nothing will be able to bring you down and no one will be able to rain on your parade. Unapologetically own and embrace your flaws and imperfections, and nothing can come in your way to ace the game of life.