Luxury for men redefined by Ashmit Sharma and Angad Juneja

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Our hobbies, usually, make us realize where our passion lies. However, only a few people follow their passion and work in that field while the bigger lot does the regular humdrum. A regular guy, named Ashmit Sharma, was a big connoisseur of Men Bracelets and used to Purchase from Anil Arjandas, while North skull Jewelry Brand was his favorite.

TRD Luxury Co-founders Ashmit Sharma and Angad Juneja

After being appreciated for his collection by people he knew and a few strangers, he got an idea of launching his own Jewelry brand and Living his dream of creating Luxury masterpieces. He, along with his partner Angad Juneja, launched his brainchild ‘The Read Deal Luxury’ (TRD Luxury) in 2015.

The Real Deal is a men’s jewelry and Leather Accessories Brand based in India with a Focus on creating contemporary pieces that add a stylish element to the style of the Modern Men. Throughout the years TRD has always been true and faithful to its core DNA, designing technically innovative pieces that add an extra Charm to Gentlemen Style Game from season to season.

On how they started the brand, Ashmit tells us, “Angad and I always had a passion for Style and Luxury. Both of us being Globe Trotters, Malaysia, London, Bali, and Goa have become our favorite destinations for collecting inspiration, gaining insight and rejuvenating before a new TRD product comes to life. Both of us also keep a full eye over the business functioning of TRD.” Channelising the creative spirit of the brand, TRD is committed to crafting a new collection every quarter with the finest material to construct the trendy pieces for Fashion Forward men.

Ashmit and Angad have been the best combination for business growth as Ashmit studied economics and Angad did a major in Business.  TRD Luxury is currently selling in 10 countries. The company has its brand collaboration in Malaysia, London, and India. The popularity spread internationally and demand for the products prompted the company to expand their product range and satisfy the global market.

For the future plans, Ashmit tells us “In June 2017, we are bringing a new twist to the brand introducing an online -Bespoke service for Bracelets, Duffle Bags, and Velvet Slippers. Post this; we will also be launching a new collection of 14kt High-end Jewelry with Sharp Luxury Stones and new Range of Crocodile leather Accessories.”

TRD Luxury bags for men
TRD Luxury bags for men

However, no brand grows without having ups and downs. Especially, starting a fashion brand is a major challenge in its aspect. There are already so many players in the market that for a new brand to make a name, it needs to get something creative and new to the table. “We suffered a major loss initially due to lack of market knowledge and market study. Our first two exhibitions in Istanbul and Qatar were a major flop. We suffered Sizing Problem in our first collection due to which a major inventory was wasted”, said Ashmit.

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TRD Luxury bracelet for men

However, when the brand grows, it brings in some satisfaction. The satisfaction and rewards of owning a startup are as varied as the business owner themselves. Ashmit also commented that regardless of the shifts in the larger economy and its effects on the job security, they both uniquely positioned to control their earning potential. Further, there’s always the satisfaction that comes from turning their passion into a career. They both had the same passion towards Luxury Fashion and had the same vision from the beginning.

The distinction that their brand makes is that ‘Luxury meets affordability’. TRD makes it accessible for the mass economy to afford luxury at an affordable pricing. That is the main advantage they have over their contemporaries.

When we asked him for an advice he would give to others, Ashmit said “Just one simple Tagline: Focus on your vision and never grab everything that comes your way. Hard work is the key to success, and travel as much as you can as that will develop and open new horizons for you.”