Making it big, when young: How Shivani Singh Narvariya started her venture at such a budding age

Success doesn’t come overnight; it takes a lot of hard work, determination and creativity. This tale is about Shivani Singh Narvariya, founder of Bagitup, and how she managed to become an entrepreneur at a young age.

Shivani is currently pursuing her graduation degree in Economics from Delhi University and is also running her online clothing and accessories line. Like every young woman, she has different interests such as reading and browsing through her social media. She also observes the changes in tastes and preferences of people which helps her in her business. Bagitup offers a variety of outfits varying in rates but with no compromise in quality. They also make custom made outfits and accessories.

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Shivani Singh Narvariya, founder Bagitup

Her inspiration for the venture came when she was studying in a boarding school and all the girls would discuss ideas around the current trends. The idea of buying trendy clothes by just clicking once struck a chord and that’s how Bagitup came into existence.

Though building faith on online products takes time, Shivani made sure she engaged with her customers answering to all their queries and also providing all the details about the orders. She believes that her engagement with the customers and the transparency of her work are her USPs.

Bag It Up Design

When asked about the hurdles that she faced and how she overcame them, she replied “It took me a year to make it in full run, because definitely, it wasn’t a cake walk. Building contacts with manufacturers and gaining customers after that took a lot of hard work.  It’s always a big task to deal with customers and gain their trust and guarantee them how our products will be worth spending their money on. I took help from my friends and personally messaged every possible known person to recommend and share Bagitup. As I started with Facebook, it got easier gaining some amount of attention. However, while selling my products I realised how customers prefer to buy according to their requirement and demand, henceforth I decided to even sell custom made dresses on Bagitup. That helped me increase my sale to a double.”

Shivani aspires to be satisfied with her work only when Bagitup is counted amongst the top online stores.  Her inspiration comes from positive output her efforts have resulted into. She feels elated with the positive feedback from her customers.

She advises others on not sticking to a single trend or genre as the tastes and preferences of people vary. Shivani also believes in coming up with new trends and attractive outfits as the times have changed and people have a lot of inspiration to look up to. She’s also made a note to never compromise with quality as it matters the most along with consumer satisfaction.

The website of Bagitup is a work in progress right now and Shivani is planning to expand from a one-man army to a small team soon. Till then you can find Bagitup on Facebook  Instagram