Fashion Princess Mallika Jain in her own words, promoter and founder of start up Fashion Capsule

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Mallika Jain, woman of substance has been able to establish Fashion capsule, which has set the bar of Indian fashion so high. Working with all the zest and zeal, Mallika Jain feels that keeping a right balance between work and professional life are the basic essence of achieving success in life.


Mallika Jain, founder of Fashion capsule



An entrepreneur, daughter, wife, mother and fashion designer sets a perfect example of a manager who single handedly established fashion capsule.


Being a Woman entrepreneur she has represented India in her Fashion exhibition in Central London which was a great success. In a male patriarchal society, she has been able to prove her mettle and proved that women are no less than men. Such examples help woman who want to pursue their area of interest and keep them motivated.


Her success mantra is to manage time, be your own cheer leader, being highly professional, focused, follow your dreams, if one could excel through these areas, then sky is the limit. Having a supportive family and defined goals she started her fashion brand and since then there is no looking back.

Fashion goddess, Mallika Jain feels that one should never be over dressed for any occasion and should always dress according to the occasion. In the current scenario, there have been major threats to high end designers as the styles and designs are easily copied, she strongly believes that one should have their own style statement and should not copy.


Malika jain in a photoshoot

As there are so many emerging fashion brands, Fashion Capsule is unique in its own way as the exhibitions held are theme based flavor, occasion based and they are very choosy about the designs and designers as they extensively research and choose them accordingly, they show case in the exhibitions stands out.


Being a well-known luxury brand, Fashion capsule caters to customers with high budget as well as low budget. They have options for a college girl to a middle aged woman.


Kudos to her, as she has brought Fashion capsule to such great heights and made Indian proud in International world. She further would seize such opportunities and expand her brand in International market as well.


An epitome of classiness, Mallika Jain would be show casing her exhibition at The Lodhi Hotel on 12th July 2017 with the team of 35 handpicked designers. Stay tuned and motivated on their official website.