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Men’s guide to choosing the right wedding band.

Choosing the right wedding band may not be a simple affair. A number of considerations are involved, particularly if the job you do could end up damaging your wedding band. If your job necessitates manual dexterity and you are actively involved in lifting weights, working with sharp tools etc., you need to choose your wedding band with caution. In such a situation, you must choose metals such as tungsten, titanium, platinum, palladium etc. Here are some of the things to do for making the right choice while buying a men’s wedding band.


Start looking for it well in time
You must start searching for the wedding band of your dreams at the earliest possible. Do not leave it for last minute. You must have enough time to look around and compare a variety of styles and to also do a comparative price analysis. You must complete the wedding band shopping well in advance, a minimum of two to three months before your wedding date. You may start browsing for an assortment of wedding bands.

Determine & follow a budget
Generally, 3 percent of the total wedding budget is allotted to buying the wedding band. You could extend the limit if you are in a mood to splurge slightly. If you are having a cash crunch, simply buy a sleek, smart contemporary wedding band, that would come in a smaller budget. Wedding bands are available for a minimum of $250, but you could end up splurging thousands of dollars if your budget permits.

Narrow down your choices
There are a lot of options open to you. You need to narrow down the choices. Create a shortlist by considering the design, the style, the metal, etc. Once you have shortlisted the ones you really like, make the right choice by weighing the pros and cons followed by a comparative price analysis.

Buying the perfect fit and size
It is critical to choose the perfect fit and the right size because many of you would be wearing the wedding band while doing different activities. So, it is a good idea to buy the right fit so that the wedding band does not slip out of your finger. Obviously, you do not wish to lose your precious ring. You must measure the size of your finger when the body temperature seems to be absolutely normal and you are cool and calm. Right size would ensure utmost comfort.

Quality check is a must
You must buy from a reputed and trustworthy jeweler who would always offer top quality jewelry pieces. In any case, you must look out for the quality mark that is normally 24K or PLAT. Then, you must examine the trademark of the jeweler or the manufacturer.

Consider your lifestyle
You must choose the right wedding band that seems to be compatible with your lifestyle. If you are into sports or playing a musical instrument, you must buy a ring with rounded edges; and avoid gemstones if your job demands the frequent use of hands.

Enjoy the process of buying your wedding band. You could have loads of fun choosing from so many beautiful options available. However, choose the band that complements your personality, relationship, and lifestyle.