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It is a necessity, not a taboo: Sex advices everyone should follow

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Sex is essential for every relationship. People think it is easy but it is not. The problem is that sex has become a taboo in today’s society. It is weird because all of us have the same urges as human beings having sex.

When it comes to relationships, it varies from person to person and relationship to relationship. Your sex drive is different from another person’s and same goes for the relationships. Some couples have sex 5 times a day and some have it 5 times a year and it is completely okay for both. There is no overall normal.

If we break it down, men and women both have the same desires but we express them differently. Men, generally, are more open and forward while women are more reserved and subtle. We all have to have some sort of an outlet for the desire.

There are no hacks to having sex. However, there are a few things that everyone should know:

  • Equality:
    You are both equal in bed. Sex doesn’t end when you orgasm. Always make sure your partner has an orgasm as the experience should be as blissful for them as it has been for you.
  • Size doesn’t matter:
    It is an old stereotype related to men which claims the bigger the better. This is completely false. Women don’t care about the size, they care about the performance in bed.
  • Always use condoms:
    Unless you are planning to have kids, always use condoms. Not only are they very effective methods of birth control, but they are likely to provide greater protection against STDs that are transmitted only by genital fluids.
  • Hygiene Matters:
    Even though people compliment you on how attractive you are and how good you look, it won’t matter. You have to have good hygiene; shower before sex, make sure you are clean everywhere.
  • Touch:
    Everyone wants to feel those intimate touches while having sex. Not only women, men also like to feel the touch of their partners. Touch your partners face, caress their arms, route their spine and don’t shy away.
  • Positions:
    Make sure you change positions and try different one as your likings will change with time. There is no one position for you and don’t let this kill the spice in your relationship.
  • Communicate:
    Don’t stop communicating, it is the key to having wonderful sex and relationship. Tell your partner about your likes and dislikes and ask them theirs.

Let it be something you and your partner explore together. It is a need and necessary for every relationship as it not only satisfies your physical urges, but also strengthens your emotional bond.