Never too late to follow your dream: Madhulika Mehta from Satin Vogue

IMG_20170113_195906_01She decided to pursue law after her bachelor degree in commerce, and a chance meeting made her change her career path. Madhulika Mehta of Satin Vogue met a person on the train who inspired her to go after what she wanted.  While she did her graduation, she aspired to do law post it.

However, in the last year of graduation, she started losing the interest from Law and started gaining interest in entrepreneurial management and sales & marketing. With the support of her parents and a couple of friends, she took the decision of pursuing a 1st-year executive programme in sales & marketing from IIM-Calcutta, which she uses to expand her business and get more knowledge in the field.

According to her fashion is any trend which develops and nourishes itself. She says, “Fashion is playing around with and breaking the rules of conventional dressing. Fashion may seem like a simple concept, but behind the word is another world full of creativity, breakthroughs, and endless possibilities. It’s hard to define fashion simply because it means something different to everyone. “

We also asked her about one Indian fashion trend which she thinks can never go out of style and she said “Saree”. She added, “Sarees can never go out of trend and have always been in the fashion. No matter how modern the society becomes, a woman will always look more beautiful and charming in a Saree than in any other attire. It defines the Indian traditional culture in the best possible ways. They only come up with new designs, colors and drapes. Although, we all know that the world of fashion is very dynamic, but one thing which never goes out of fashion is a Saree.”

Madhulika Mehta, the owner of Satin Vogue

She wants Satin Vogue to be one of the top brands that are known solely for their refreshing, reliable and quality product; a brand in which a customer would repose his trust.

Her advice for others is very unique, she says, “Always be self-motivated and determined and seek inspiration from others and also by watching and reading motivational videos and articles and blogs. Also, Travel; travel solo to a country or a city as it will broaden your mind and then your horizon.” You should never stop dreaming, fighting for your good, and fulfilling your wishes.