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The new ‘Tiger Eye’ hair trend has taken everyone by storm!

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The new ‘tiger-eye’ hair, has been Internet’s latest hair-color obsession. Before you go asking your hair stylist for stripes of orange, white and black, stop! This new hair color trend has nothing to do with the wild cat. Actually, Tiger eye is a semiprecious rock with a distinct pattern of gold, bronze and dark-brown stripes. Tiger eye hair, on the other hand, applies these shades to your hair to give warmth, integrated depth of color and beautiful intensity to brunettes. Plus, tiger eye is said to bring clarity into your life. Celebrities like Jennifer Alba, Jennifer Lopez have naturally already jumped on the trend. So it’s only a matter of time before this trend explodes.

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The key to getting it right is to just ask for caramel highlights paired with a warm, or dark chocolate base so it doesn’t look bronze. The colors are bold, exquisite and are a great way to add dimension and texture to hair that might otherwise be dull, or drab, as a brunette.

It requires even less maintenance than traditional highlights because there isn’t a line of demarcation that shows when your color is growing out. One can go between 4-6 months between touch-ups. One can keep the hue from warping by using mild color extending shampoos and conditioners to help keep the colors from fading and washing hair only when needed and finishing with a cold rinse.

Use the following ideas for inspiration and work with your colorist to customize the tiger eye

trend for you personally!

1. Warm dimensional color. Tiger eye hair is all about color. Deep, warm base colors transition to nearly edible shades of caramel. Bronze tones can help to tie darker and lighter shades.

2. Sitting pretty dark. While the trend is typically best applied to dark hair, it doesn’t imply that overall look has to be dark. If you want to brighten up your hair, you can also include fairer colors like bright gold or even champagne.

3. Elegant and trendy. The tiger eye hair trend is perfect for medium to long dark hair. One can completely transform the look by combining this youthful hair color with bouncy waves.

4. Auburn Tiger’s eye. To have any success with this hair color, it must be warm toned. Auburn shades are perfect for you if you want to make your hair look dark without making it look blonde.

5. Best color trend. If you have cool toned skin but are dying to try the trend, then opt for something that doesn’t step too far into the warm color.

This trend recreates the lit-from-within quality of stone to give you gorgeous, glowing locks.

If you try this out, let us know how well it worked out for you, in the comments below!