No time for love: is it better for aspiring entrepreneurs to refrain from serious relationships?

Building a successful career as an entrepreneur is not easy. You need to be completely married to your work and will hardly have any time to spare- especially in the budding days. Entrepreneurs have developed a notoriety for being difficult partners in committed relationships, and for good reason.

Their partners have to put up with so much- their perpetual busy schedules, mood swings and need for control at everything. But let’s be practical here for a moment- how much can one person balance at once anyway? In the pivotal days of your startup venture, your commitment to something other than work can really cost you more than you can imagine.

Here are a few reasons why it is best to avoid serious relationships if you want to stay completely focused at one goal.

No time for love: is it better for aspiring entrepreneurs to refrain from serious relationships? : Flairtales

Firstly, when you are in the early days of your entrepreneurial journey, you need to devote all of your time to that. There’s an awful lot of planning and executing those plans that goes on behind the curtains and who knows how many all-nighters you’ll need to pull.

In a time like that, it is natural that your priority won’t be your partner no matter how stable and loving your relationship is. No matter how much your significant other understands the importance of your ambitions, he/she is bound to feel neglected and unimportant at some point. Giving each other time is really important for the growth of any relationship.

It is not really fair to someone you respect and admire, but you can’t help it. So why not avoid it from the start?

Secondly, it is not selfish to be completely absorbed in your dreams and turning them into reality, but it is selfish to expect that someone will adjust their lives according to your busy schedule. When in a relationship, such expectations come naturally.

But if you can’t commit completely to the relationship because of work, why should the other person go out of their ways to manage according to your requirements? Going into a relationship while knowing all that can do damage to both parties involved.

Thirdly, sometimes a relationship can be distracting for an aspiring entrepreneur. Launching your own brand is definitely not a piece of cake and just one small mistake on the way can be a major setback. The road isn’t smooth and there are supposed to be plenty of obstacles on your way to success.

When you are opting to chase your entrepreneurial dream, you are already choosing a rocky path. To add to all that, maintaining a healthy relationship, putting in the time, effort and attention that it deserves- all that can be overwhelming and distracting. So before you think about stepping into a serious commitment, consider whether you and your venture can afford it.

Fourthly, if something goes wrong with your business while you are in a relationship, you’ll find it very easy to blame the other person, who has actually done nothing wrong. As a sign of human behavior, we always look for someone or something to blame after a failure. Don’t use your relationship as an excuse to justify your shortcomings.

Fifthly, in the days of struggle, balancing your personal life with work can be physically and mentally exhausting for you. No real relationship is smooth as butter; there will be issues that will need equal participation from both sides to be solved.

There will be difference of opinions and views, there will be fights. Bothering with all that, no matter how petty or minor they are, will surely take a toll on you and might make your work suffer. But if you don’t concern yourself with certain relationship confrontations and choose to overlook and avoid them, your personal-life will suffer. Finally, you’ll be left with a dilemma that will certainly not work in your favor.

At the end of the day, it is your decision how you want to approach work-personal life balance. If you are lucky enough to find someone who shares your mindset or understands how much your dreams mean to you and is happy to be a part of your whirlwind journey, don’t let them get away.

But as we all know, such cases are rare. There is no rush, take one step at a time. If someone wants to be equally invested in his/her work and relationship and is confident that he/she can do it, then maybe he/she should give it a shot. But usually it is one or the other- a failed relationship or a failed business