From Organising College Fests to Being The Founder of An Events Management Company

A young, vibrant college girl had this great zeal to organise the fests at college, and even at home, she used to be a key person to coordinate with the vendors at the family weddings and other social events. Talented, motivated, and energetic; this is what Komal Bhandari had always been. Then she got married and because she belonged to a typical Marwadi family where woman are not usually allowed to think beyond household work and responsibilities, one of the struggles of her life started. The good part in this was that her husband, Siddhant Bhandari supported her at each step, and thus, took birth, Ank Concepts.

Founder of Ank Concepts, Komal Bhandari with her team

Komal got what she had always wanted, and today she is the proud Founder of an Events Management Company, which deals with wedding planning, flower decorations, corporate events, school and college events, birthday parties, product launches, learning activities, private and theme parties. From inspirational ideas to stunning productions, strong themes and creative programmes, one can trust Ank Concepts to create memorable experiences that exceed your expectations. As they look at each event as a custom made project irrespective of the size or budget, they believe that if their clients let them exhibit their passion and dedication to stage the event, the team at Ank Concepts can surpass the expectations of the clients in staging the event.

komal 3

The USP of Ank Concepts is that they can transform your imagination into reality. Komal says, “We execute your impossible set up imagination in to “possible” by putting all our engineering technically and creatively.”

Komal had studied Interior Designing and because of that she has always been able to create beautiful setups. But, there was one problem which she faced in the initial days, and that was the lack of technical know-how related to the LED walls, lights, wirings and connections. Then she added one more department in her office, the one of the Technical Team and hired sound engineers and expert electricians. Eventually, this team made her work a lot easier.

komal 1

As an entrepreneur, she gets the ultimate kick when a client says, “Excellent show Komal.” These words give her the needed motivation and she gets inspired to reach her ultimate goal, that of client satisfaction. She looks forward for much bigger events every day, so that her company can grow in this competitive field. When we asked what advice would she like to give to all the budding entrepreneurs, she said,

“Don’t always look to compete, consider your work as your baby and put in all your efforts. And trust me the outcome will show your passion towards your work.”

For more information regarding the works of Ank Concepts, visit their Website and their Facebook Page.