How to pack smartly for your next vacation

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It’s always better to carry the least amount of luggage while traveling; be it via a flight, train or by road. Packing light will ensure you to move easily and also save you from paying extra when traveling by air. We bring you easy hacks to make sure luggage weight is not a problem.

Make a list
Plan beforehand and jot down a list of what you want to carry with you. After this, think carefully on each item whether you really need them or would be able to easily manage without them. You can also lay down all the items on the bed and decide their necessity. Sometimes we don’t need to take two pairs of sneakers when we can do away with just one.

Roll ‘em in
Roll the clothes into ‘tubes’ rather than folding them and keeping them in your bags. This is a great way to ensure that they occupy the least amount of space. Fold skirts, pants in half the long way and then roll them tightly. You can also get the clothes ironed before you roll them.

Be color smart
Make sure to carry a neutral black and a white t-shirt/sweater/jacket that you can team up with different bottoms. You can also carry a basic pant/jeans that can be worn with all the tops. Try mixing and matching with limited outfits rather than carrying half of your wardrobe.

Pack footwear separately
Keep your shoes and other footwear in plastic bags or cloth bags or jute bags before keeping in the luggage so they won’t mess up your clothes. Also, keep a small cloth with the shoes in case you need to clean them while on the trip.

Careful with your toiletries
Carry small tubes of shampoo and conditioner, not your regular large bottle while traveling. Carrying sachets is also a great idea. Get a plastic or zip lock bags to keep toothpaste, sunscreen, hand sanitiser, shampoo, and conditioner as it’s possible that they will leak.

Keep essentials reachable
If flying, make sure that you keep all the necessities in your cabin bag like medicines, spectacles, underwear, contact lens solution; in case your checked- in luggage gets lost. If going by train or car, keep these things near the top in the bag so that you don’t have to dig inside the entire luggage.

Light is easy
Carry layers instead of a heavy coat in winters. If the destination requires thick covering, keep one of your warmest coat and a jacket instead of loading on variety.
Don’t carry your entire wardrobe while travelling. In the end, it is you who has to pick up the load. If you are taking too long while deciding on an item while packing, leave it out. You won’t need it. At the end of your packing, if you need to sit on your luggage bag to close it, you have packed way too much. Remember, travelers who pack light find it easier to move around.

Travelling is more about discovering the destination you are headed to. Go easy on your packing. Mostly hotels and destinations have basic chemists and departmental stores where you can buy your toothpaste and after- shave. Even if you leave out something while packing, you can manage. Go on, happy vacation!