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People behind the big fashion brands: An overview of the changed times

Around 1800, when Paris started fashion parades, no one thought that one day it will lead to a $1.2 trillion global market. When the first fashion show in the year 1903 took place in New York, there was no official image building representatives and clients, it was just one to one business to the community dealing with the designers to the willful customers. Traditionally no public relations organizations existed and designers would have to work hard to first gather the audience to watch his/her designs and then to buy it. Then soon the realization occurred that fashion and beauty on its own was a niche that needed to be represented and marketed well.

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Marketing of beauty and fashion has its own niche

With the setup of the various fashion public relation firms, the fashion industry flourished and the revenue is generated from it boomed this glittering world to how it is today. The fashion public relation firms build a strong brand name for its client and push the news-oriented stories to the fashion and lifestyle journalist and editors. Managing a celebrity to walk the runway, wearing its client’s designs to fetch as much attention as possible are some of the work of the fashion public relation firms.

The fashion public relation firms build a strong brand name for its client

Earlier the press conference, interviews and press releases fulfilled the need, now managing the digital media also has become a crucial part of the fashion PR. Selling a design to the clothes conscious and fad following society, digital media has served as an ‘icing on the cake’ task to the firms. With online content, the reach to the right target audience has widened and the task to pitch a customer in buying a particular design has become easy and efficient. But what is there to look upon is, if digital media will stay as a part of the PR firms or will it curb the PR firms.