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Is Plus-Size the new talk of the town: embracing the real self!

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The first thought that strikes the thought process of women when they go through fashion magazines or sit to watch all the beautiful models walking down the ramp is probably “I wish I had that good a figure.” Being a woman myself, I can vouch for this that the act of comparing our bodies to those of the models comes naturally to our minds. In today’s world, it becomes nearly impossible to not want a toned body with perfect curves and thighs. But, what becomes really worrisome is the way how women usually go to extreme measures in order to attain the body that they would rather have.


Is Plus-Size the new talk of the town: embracing the real self!
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However, the one thing about the Fashion Industry that makes it so irresistible is that it keeps changing; it constantly upgrades itself to new ventures and styles. In recent times, plus size models are all over the Fashion world. The arena of modeling in the plus-size industry is undergoing a distinct transition. These models have taken unto themselves the responsibility of breaking the barriers which are full of stereotypical demands and ideas. The industry looks like it is getting tired of featuring lean models and frankly, the public seems to agree to that. These models are more than what pleases the eye and they have the talent of flaunting the right amount of body and curves to entice the audience.

Plus-size does not refer to being “Fat” or unhealthy. In fact, mostly the plus-size models are the epitome of perfect health. Their job mostly depends on them keeping their body fit, healthy and tight. Eating much and skipping exercise does not harm them in a large way, because nothing affects the body or the face in a negative way. The only goal of the models is to understand that keeping their bodies strong and healthy will keep the work coming back in their pockets. They entirely depend on the concept of beauty to keep upgrading their work and that makes them much more unique than others.

The world of modeling is definitely a difficult job and cannot be taken up by anyone, just for the fun of it. We have to understand that the plus-size models are only picked because of their talent and not just for their bodies. The way they face the camera, the manner in which they carry out the clothes given to them, their facial expressions and of course, the poses that flaunt the perfection of their bodies are all important. They are the experts in the field and can prove to anyone that modeling is a talent that is acquired through constant practice and proper attention. Not anyone can be healthy and pose in front of the camera to look appealing!

The health regime of the models differs according to their calorie intake. They do not always have to eat being conscious of their weight. They mostly try to eat healthy and exercise to maintain a strong body. Unlike other regular models who many times starve themselves in order to be featured, the plus size models provide their bodies with relaxing routines and perfect treatment. They are not always conscious of their weight and learn to love how much their bodies can endure and indurate.

All these can we be taken as examples for women all around the world. These models are a gust of confidence and strength. They are breaking the general notion worldwide and posing as role models for a society that is simply based on equality. According to a certain study, these models strive to be the reasons behind promoting positive mental health among women. They provide us with a satisfactory body image and indulge us in the activities that do not make us anorexic but rather, motivate us to love our bodies in the way we are. Being overweight is a negative effect as it gives rise to various health issues, but when our body is all fit and healthy, attaining the zero size is baseless. What most women seem to neglect is the fact that being thin not only makes you lose on a healthy body but also, harms your mental health. People can be too much conscious about what they eat and even, stop eating at times when they are hungry just because they are scared of putting on weight. This becomes an insane routine because they become obsessed with their own idea of a perfect body, which is nothing but the general notions of attaining a lean and thin figure, according to trend in fashion magazines and runways.

But, with time as the Fashion world evolves, the women of our society are starting to embrace whatever they look like, mostly because of the advent of the self-assuring models who have a less conventional body style and image. The plus side models, like Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine etc. with the curvy stars are all spreading powerful messages regarding inclusivity and body positivity. So, learn to love yourself in whatever figure we are in. Change is good, but embracing yourself for your own sake is the best!