A Pop up Restaurant out of holiday boredom by young students: Read the fascinating story of The Bakedown Sale

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We all look forward to summer holidays in schools and colleges but only a few days down we begin to feel bored. Not very often do we think of utilising the time to learn something new or do something creative. But here are these 6 girls who decided to kill boredom and came up with their very own food start-up.

Left to right: Devyani Sarraf,Palak Agarwal,Maitree Shah,Shubhangi Balasaria, Mallika Bhandari, Aditi Nevatia
Left to right: Devyani Sarraf,Palak Agarwal,Maitree Shah,Shubhangi Balasaria, Mallika Bhandari, Aditi Nevatia

Bakedown Sale is an idea inspired by Pop-Up restaurants. Pop-Up restaurants, also called supper clubs, are temporary restaurants and often operate from a private home, former factory or similar space, mostly during festivals. It was initiated by six friends, Aditi, Devyani, Maitree, Mallika, Palak and Shubhangi who are currently studying Food Science and Nutrition Management. It arose out of their holiday boredom when one day they all were complaining over the phone of wasting time in the holidays. Just then one of them mentioned her recent trip to Paris where she had seen some pop-up dessert sales. They found the idea very new and cool and that was the moment they decided to come up with their very own pop-up restaurant: The Bakedown Sale.

At the Bakedown Sale, we present an amalgamation of delectation, desserts and delights which you can devour with your loved ones. Bakedown Sale is a monthly endeavour to make Kolkata a tastier place where we explore new locations and venues in the city of joy with a pristine dessert menu every month” says Team Bakedown Sale to FlairTales.

What makes them unique is that they come up with new recipes every time as against the bakeries who have a consistent menu. They also explore new locations so as to cater to different sections and widen their reach.

The Bakedown Sale - Delicious Treats Are Coming Your Way
The Bakedown Sale – Delicious Treats Coming Your Way

The first Bakedown Sale took place outside one of the popular sweet shops in a busy street. Everything ranging from deciding the menu, to getting the ingredients, taking permits, baking, designing and marketing was carried out within four days. The response was overwhelming and everybody loved the desserts which motivated them to continue their endeavour further. They have been working since and have continued to learn and grow with every such experience. They plan to continue this until they all are in the same city as they have different career plans after college in mind.

The reason for their success has been their talent, dedication and sheer hard work. How they realised a simple idea into a food-start up in such a short span is an inspiration for all and shows how boredom can lead to creativity.