Preserving the Savoir Faire: The intricate training of the next gen Christian Dior craftsmen.

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Christian Dior, the French luxury Fashion house synonymous with haute couture, luxury and desire has launched creative apprenticeship programs to preserve its savoir-faire. The Christian Dior Haute Couture Team believes that they must pass on this creative expertise to the next generation which they have learnt at Dior to ensure that their clients continue to enjoy such remarkable products. This project has been possible due to the support of highly experienced and skilled seniors nurturing the apprentices and sharing their knowledge and craftsmanship.

fashion apprentice (3)

Although being in the atelier itself is a learning experience on its own, the apprentices are shown various processes and are given immense freedom to explore. They are also actively involved in creating pieces for the clients and runway in the Ready-to-wear as well as haute couture sections.“At the beginning, we try to get them interested in lots of things, so that they can apply them as they have been taught, but then they have a creative and inventive part to play. “We give them the opportunity to participate,” says Cristina Batista, the seconded’ atelier flou.

“I don’t have one tutor, I have ten or twelve!” says Julie, an apprentice at the Dior Homme ready-to-wear atelier. “I could never have believed it would be possible to work within an haute couture Maison so quickly. I get to see each step in the making of a garment shown to me by a different tailor,” she continues.

Dior’s atelier flou and tailoring workshop.

Such programs are not only beneficial to the apprentices as they get to have a first-hand industry experience from such skilled professionals but also help these fashion houses get a fresh perspective.