How to protect yourself from the heat and the Sun this summer

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Summer is here and the temperature is already soaring high. The heat is getting unbearable slowly and it is crucial to protect ourselves from the sun. Tanning, heat strokes, dehydration, lethargy- all are a part and parcel of the summer season. Read on to know how to protect ourselves from the heat.

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Invest in a good sunscreen: Buy a water- resistance sunscreen which is at least 15 SPF to prevent getting tanned. You can also see a dermatologist and get a medicated sunblock according to your skin type. Apply it twenty minutes before stepping out of the house on every exposed area- face, neck, back of the neck, hands, feet and back- whatever skin is exposed. Carry the sunblock tubes wherever you go and make sure to re- apply every two hours and especially after swimming or sweating. Dermatologists also recommend using sunscreen when you are indoors or even at home.

Get rid of tanning: You can apply cucumber juice on the tanned skin or lemon with rose water or rub boiled potato peels. Using turmeric on the affected are works wonders as well. A lot of other methods are available on the internet. There are anti- tanning face masks in the market as well. You can also get anti-tan facial treatment done.

Cotton clothes: Prefer to wear cotton clothes during these summer months. They are breathable fabrics and absorb the sweat which is ideal for the season. Cotton also does not cause any rash on the body.

Carry water at all times: Make sure to carry a water bottle when stepping out of the house. Drink water at regular intervals and keep yourself hydrated. Don’t wait to get thirsty, drink up every half hour or one hour. Water will help maintain your body temperature at all times.

Cover up: Opt for hats, sunglasses, sneakers, caps- whatever accessories can shield your body from the sun. Covering the head from the sun will prevent heat strokes and also protect your hair from harmful rays. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the scorching sun rays and shoes will protect feet from getting tanned. Try to be in the shade as much as possible!

Go for natural drinks: Ditch soda and alcohol- they are dehydrating in nature. Opt for coconut water, juices, lemonades, buttermilk to keep hydrated and healthy.

Eat fresh: Instead of eating heavy and oily food, eat light and add a lot of fresh fruits and salads to your diet. They are juicy and fibrous and will keep your body cool and refreshed. Add buttermilk to your lunch meals. It will help in faster digestion, preventing the feeling of a heavy stomach and control the body temperature. Take your dinner early to make sure that you don’t feel heavy while going to bed.

Bath essentials: Use lemon in your bath water to smell good all day. It will also fight off bacteria which develops during the heat. Use good soaps or body washes. Neem or Tulsi based products are ideal. Wash your hair properly and regularly to get rid of developing oils and dirt on the snap which will also prevent dandruff. Use a good face wash as well. Neem or lemon based face washes are appropriate for oily skin.

It’s important to look and feel good. Don’t let the sun rob you of that. Just follow these steps and you are good to go!