Are you ready for a fashion deuce?

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Shouts of pure joy rippled throughout the nation as the greatest female tennis player of all times, Serena Williams, made a roaring comeback to the world of tennis, after her maternity break. She seemed to have shook up the confidence of her opponents with her powerful swings and impressive strokes. After having won innumerable matches, she has now dropped the ball of fashion on the tennis court! Drawing from her previous experiences with companies such as Nike and HSN, the ones that deal in sports apparels and personally styled clothing, Serena decided to sweep us off our feet by launching her own fashion line. Well, aren’t you able to smell the victory yet?

Serena has introduced her new clothing line.

Cross courting into the latest trends, Serena’s athletic persona embraced her inner fashionista, resulting in the creation of her fashion line, comprising of 12 unique and suave pieces of clothing. After being a businesswoman, an activist, a wife, and now a mother; she brought in her fashion finesse by producing attires ranging from elegant slip dresses, rugged denims, chic crop tops to snug sportswear and comfortable briefs/bralettes. The price range is from $35 to $250. The urbane fashion line features t-shirts and crop tops with an ‘S’ logo and a Crompton, representing the name and the birthplace of the athlete.

Serena talks about fashion and how it empowers women.

Just like words represent thoughts, every apparel in this clothing line represents the strength, power, grace and elegance harbored by the athlete and fashion designer herself. Williams promoted her fashion line using several social media forums such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This propaganda was followed by a number of interviews conducted by leading fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, People and W magazine, among others, bringing this endeavor to limelight.

“I want to make pieces that you look good in, that aren’t outrageously priced”, stated Serena in an interview with the Vogue magazine, expressing her views on the fact that ‘one should not have to overpay to look good’. Popularly, the most sought-after attires from the 12-piece collection was the olive-green slip dress consisting of a thigh high slit, the chic black turtleneck crop top, the bralette and briefs, the jerseys with the main logo of the brand and the killer metallic jacket. Thus, adhering to the recent ballyhoo about this clothing line, the clothes agreeably exude the panache of fashion, all while making one feel comfortable and complacent.

The clothes in the fashion line are easy to wear, dressy and stylish

“I had two loves- tennis and fashion, and had to find a way to make them coexist”, says Williams, reminiscing about ‘15 years of false starts’ and lack of encouragement by the people in fashion. With the launch of her clothing line, she also wants to send a message to the women of the nation to never stop believing in themselves, as they are worth it! Serena expresses her thoughts by mentioning that she was inspired by ‘strong, smart, stylish, silly and spontaneous women- kinda like her’, who are unafraid of challenges that lie ahead of their lives, and are ready to face them equipped with a brave demeanor.

Surging ahead with her words, “together we’ve got this”, she stated that “#beseenbeheard” is a birthright of all women, and nothing can beat them if they are prepared with whatever life throws in their direction.