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Reasons to increase your lemon intake immediately

Homemade lemonade with fresh lemon and mint
Homemade lemonade with fresh lemon and mint

Lemons are available in almost every household. They are widely used to make lemonades, cocktails, lemon tea and garnish salads. But do you know that lemons are better for our body than we know and it is highly recommended that they should be consumed more?

We have compiled a list of advantages, to motivate you to stock more of lemons-

  • When taken first thing in the morning, with water, lemons are excellent in flushing out toxins and preventing digestive problems. You can drink lemon juice in warm water or with honey and water; The benefits are great.
  • Lemons are full of Vitamin C and boost your immune system. Your chances of falling sick to common cold will be reduced because of an intake of lemon. Intake of lemon water everyday will prevent throat infection and when suffering from one, drink lemon juice in warm water in small quantities every couple of hours.
  • Drop in lemon peels while washing clothes in a washing machine. Your clothes will come
    out cleaner! Cheap and effective!
  • Lemon drops mixed with grounded basil leaves are helpful in erasing black spots on the face. Try everyday!
  • Intake of lemons is amazing for the skin. They keep it fresh, healthy and gives a natural glow by detoxifying the system.
  • Lemon is also helpful in burning stubborn fat. When accompanied with good diet and exercise, lemons can really boost your metabolism which is helpful in losing those extra kilos.
  • Lemons have antioxidants and will be helpful in getting rid of body odour when used over time. You can put in used lemons in a bucket of water for sometime and then bathe. Not only will it fight body odour, but also make you feel cool and fresh all day!
  • Use lemons the same way as point 7 above, as a last rinse while washing hair. It will fight dandruff, condition your hair and give a light fragrance.
  • You can also make a detox drink by adding lemons in water with mint leaves, cucumbers to fight off the heat and enjoy other amazing benefits.

After knowing these various benefits, we MUST include lemons in our everyday diet and lifestyle!