Resolutions that you must take before 2018 starts, here are some of the choicest options to start with!

New Year resolutions are a tradition in the Western countries are contemporarily practised in the eastern countries as well. Whether to set a goal in life for the new year to come or to change personal behaviour or undesirable traits in order to lead a better life are some generic new year resolutions. Making a resolution and practising it to gives a fresh start to your year. Come join us in making a New Year resolution that you hopefully won’t break!


Lose weight, get fit – This is the most common resolution that people make. Over one-third of India’s population thinks of losing weight every year but somehow does not stick to its decision. Set up your fitness routine, eat healthy, exercise more and keep yourself fit physically as well as mentally.

Pamper yourself – Take time out to pamper and take care of yourself. This pampering is indeed much needed as you deserve it. Do what you want to do, go wherever you want to go, treat yourself to your favourite delicacies. Enjoy your existence to its full extent.

Give up on a bad habit – It is hard to give up on old habits, but make a promise to yourself that you will give up at least one of them, like biting nails, shaking your leg every time, biting your lips, etc.

Learn to say NO! – Fed up of regretting letting people use you? Learn to say a clear NO and you are free.

Be more awesome than last year – Be a good human being, be more positive towards life, be corruption free and let your life flow with ease and positivity.

Get out of your comfort zone – Overcome your shyness, fear or mental block. This will make you feel liberated. Go out, visit new places alone, make plans to check out new places that interest you. Get yourself out of the zone that has made your life stagnant and boring.

Meet new people – Interact with people. This will not only make you exposed to some amazing perspectives but might also land you a new job as your contacts keep increasing and spreading and simultaneously job prospectives and opportunities keep getting higher.

Spend time with your beloved ones – Fun with the family will add a much-valued chest of treasure full of memories for you to cherish all your life.

Promise yourself not to work on holidays – Take out time for yourself, don’t forget to live your life in this race for money and success.

Be stylish – If you keep yourself well dressed and styled with the latest trend or fashion then it makes you look and feel more confident. This year style yourself with a brand new makeover and discover a new you.

Plan your profession – When your hobby becomes your profession, it not only makes you earn good money but also makes earning a livelihood a fun pastime. So plan your profession accordingly.

Quit smoking and drinking – This is tough to do but very much needed to maintain a healthy life. Try starting with baby steps then gradually quit smoking and drinking completely.

Though most of your resolutions may not have been completed in the past, continue making new ones with the hope that this year would be different. Hope is the string that binds us all, let’s hope for the best and be optimistic this year.