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Rising up from the rock bottom: How to restore your once lost brand credibility

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A business is run on a philosophy, several ideas and also how the audience perceives it. If the image of the brand is tarnished in the eyes of the target audience, the brand loses all its credibility.

It is especially important for startups, who are struggling amongst several other brands to earn fame. So what these brands essentially need to do is maintain a certain strategy for branding and mould themselves with changing times. What they should also do is to try their best to keep away from strategic disasters.

Because coming back up from the loss of credibility is much harder than establishing in the first place. From a branding perspective, if your fundamental values have been tampered with in the eyes of your consumer, it is like removing the load-bearing pillars from a skyscraper.

That means, under this massive force, your startup is bound to crumble. Hence, it is extremely essential to be careful with your steps when it comes to maintaining the image of a particular brand.

Rising up from the rock bottom: How to restore your once lost brand credibility : Flairtales
From a branding perspective, if your fundamental values have been tampered with in the eyes of your consumer, it is like removing the load-bearing pillars from a skyscraper.

These days social media is one of the major platforms for brands to connect more with their audience. Because almost the whole world is on the net, it acts as a very crucial force to make or break a brand.

Several brands have made disastrous missteps on this platform as well.Yet even after such a mistake, there are ways to make amends to retrieve your position and credibility.

Firstly, the customers are not completely devoid of loyalty. So, even if you have made a mistake which put your brand’s name at stake, here are a few ways in which you can pull your brand out of the dark.

Be accountable for your actions
Mistakes are human. Whether it’s an individual or a business firm, mistakes can be made by anyone.

Yet instead of defending yourself or giving elaborate explanations, what goes a long way is to begin with climbing the upwards ladder again.

This also gives a friendly image to your brand. This will reduce the intensity of the harm done.

For example, if a fashion startup gets slammed for making a mistake of addressing females by their body type, they should apologize addressing the fact that society should not hold any particular body as the “ideal body” in their minds. Yet, the task force should always remember to carry a quick investigation into the matter and try to resolve the matter before a great disaster hits.

Good customer care
A business should always be customer focused. It is because of your customers that a business runs. So it is extremely essential for the entrepreneur to pay heed to the needs of their customer.

Several brands work on this policy. Data suggests that customer care on their platform is the best way to boost the customer’s willingness to work with your brand and spend on it.

So even if a crisis hits your brand, which demeans its position and fame, the previous customers who you had adhered closely to previously would recommend your brand to others which would help to recover from a lot of the damage.

For example, if a beauty product has some problem regarding its quality, the other loyal customers would still recommend it and prevent the brand from falling down the charts completely.

Treat your downfall as a learning opportunity
Businesses have made mistakes in the past. Some have endured it and risen back after it yet some of the brands disappeared from the markets. Yet for, every single person, this would act as an opportunity to learn.

This would teach you lessons on how to improve and act on your past mistakes to rise up as much better entrepreneurs. For this, it is ideal to take feedback from your customers regarding your performance, working, and service. Acknowledge the issue and leave the public with a better and fresher image of your brand.

After a downfall, it is a great opportunity to rebuild your brand from scratch. Yet there I one thing to keep in mind, once your brand has lost its value, everything you say or do is most likely to be questioned. The short-term plan is to manage the outrage but in the longer run, the damage needs to be reversed using all the lessons learnt.

Think from the other side
Once your brand loses out on credibility and its earlier image, it will pose problems on several levels. One of the major problems will be your competitors. They will leave no tables unturned to get hold of all your customers. And it is quite probable for your customers to go to these brands once the image is ruined.

So you need to start thinking from the point of view of your competitor and work hard to understand and anticipate their moves. After the anticipation, you need to act extremely fast to counter their actions so as to retain your customers.

While brand loyal customers are unlikely to leave, there are several customers who will leave readily if a better offer is put forward in front of them. So it is essential to make a quick move and keep your place.

Create empathy
One of the other ways to retain your brand’s lost image is to create empathy in the minds of your consumers. Instead of focusing on advertising, you need to act very strongly in favour of your customer.

This might be a risky option with quite a high cost but in the longer run, it will help your brand to retain its position. You should offer generous compensations to each and every customer who has gone through trouble because of your mistake. If you have made a mistake, do something which sets its straight and bodes well with your dear customers.

It might incur a revenue loss, yet the profits that will add up later will be worth this small loss. What is extremely essential is to burn the negative image in the minds of the people right from your restart. This approach has proved extremely useful and effective for several entrepreneurs.

So, for all you entrepreneurs, even if you feel like you have made your worst hit, do not worry for there are always ways to make amends and rise to the top, again!