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Roposo- a social media platform which takes care of India’s fashion forward.

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It is disappointingly frustrating how often it is where a woman finds a piece of fashion she absolutely adores and is then left high and dry. Regular social networking applications or websites do not provide for sourcing the point of purchase for the multiple outfits that they may display.

celebrities on roposo.

But there is where social media platform ‘Roposo’ found its concept. Founded in the year 2015, Roposo today stands with an engaging and ever growing user base of over 2 million fashion loving women. Shilpa Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Masaba Gupta and Jaqueline Fernandez are a part of this growing community! Fashionistas, designers, their admirers and aspirers find a home at Roposo.

Roposo aims to help women find products, search for style inspiration and seek fashion advice
Roposo aims to help women find products, search for style inspiration and seek fashion advice

“The best thing about Roposo is that it is completely personalized and curated as per your individual design and fashion taste. For example, if you type “Little Black Dress for parties,” the search engine will share only those LBDs and brands that suit your taste and preferences. You can discover your own unique style on our platform”, says co-founder Kaushal Shubhank while talking to Apps Unveiled.

One of the pounding questions for women who are very outgoing and fashion forward in that of what to wear, how and where to get them and also to know if they could pair their outfits better or not. On Roposo women can get those questions answered just right as they uploaded pins and lists of their curated outfits for different occasions. For example, a list of outfits perfect for a board meeting. Here, the ‘lists’ are similar to the ‘boards’ on Pinterest and one can give in their validation (or not) to them.

Another exciting feature is Roposo’s search engine. Roposo’s search engine looks up the picture of any piece of clothing you’ve found on their platform to tell you where you could purchase it from across the internet. Not only the internet, recently Roposo has collaborated with across 2000 offline stores!

Roposo: A global platform in making to celebrate fashion
Roposo: A global platform in making to celebrate fashion

Roposo’s engaging concept and interface is growing at the rate of 100% per year and has users spending around 3-4 hours on the platform every month.

Of late Roposo is looking to associate itself with a lot of variety of spaces. Instead of only being called a social media platform to cater to the fashion forward people in India Roposo has collaborated with E-commerce websites such as Craftsvilla,

Urban Clap and Tinder among others. Roposo’s founders also hint at the launch of a similar social media network for men as well.

Roposo, founded by Mayank Bhangadia, Avinash Saxena, and Kaushal Shubhank receives patronage in the form of funding from investors like Binny Bansal, 5 Ideas Start-up fuel and India Quotient