Saira Aslam: The Wonder Woman of India’s Tailoring Community

Reading Time: 1 minute

Saira Aslam was working as a journalist when she came to know about the disastrous conditions tailors have to deal with in the interiors of Bihar and Bengal.

She recalls how she was haunted by the idea of workers getting 25 paise per blouse, essentially having to make at least 100 blouses everyday for daily survival.  “I kept thinking what amount they actually took home. The figure of 25 rupees for stitching a hundred blouses was outrageous.

Even if the figure improved in these past few years, it wouldn’t have improved dramatically”, says Aslam.

With this thought taking over her brain, Saira decided to set up a startup called ‘D For Darzi’ to give technological boost to the tailor-made clothing which would eventually be used to improve the poor standards of living of the tailoring community.

She has already collaborated with the renowned beauty expert Blossom Kochhar and promised a future collaboration with designer-activist Sanjana Jon.

Saira also held a photoshoot with models of all ages, backgrounds and color, from all over the country; celebrating natural beauty and encouraging them to shed the inhibitions set by the modeling industry.

The website, which will be live later this month, will have affordable and easy-to-order custom tailoring available.

With the help of fashion, Saira Aslam is striving for change and improvement in people’s lives that are sadly under-privileged. Here’s to people like her who have decided to become part of the solution and will continue to work tirelessly for the betterment of the society.