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What is the science behind every relationship that we have? Can such emotional bonds be researched on?

reltionshipCan relationships be pinned down to a science? Perhaps. perhaps not.Perhaps we can get to understanding emotions and moods.

The important things in life deserve data,and nothing is more important than relationships. As scientists and educators we believe that if you really want to know something, you need research. When we say “research” we simply mean that the best information comes from careful observations and measurements, systematic collection of information from lots of people. and drawing conclusion based on available evidence.

This may seem to be a “labour intensive” process, but relationships are too important to take “shortcuts”.Obviously we don’t make statements about how relationships work based on conjecture, hunches, folklore, or idiosyncratic personal experiences.

Now unpacking the nature of “good” communication is a major scientific challenge. A popular model “honest communication model”suggests that you should openly express your negative feelings or else problem will continue to simmer and corrode the relationship.After a lot of research the general answer emerging-too messy and complex to sell many self-help books-is that the worst thing to do is to adopt the approach as an automatic default option.The pre-image created in minds is the result of lack of good communication proved by data given out by researchers.

Researches are indeed working out well!!Interestingly relationship researchers found that people are particularly sensitive to negative feedback giving support to cynicism.  I guess what? There is something that makes us different from amphibian and reptilian cousins…yup! Guessed right it’s the bond of attachment. This been proved by science and research work as well.

As Sarah Hardy suggests in her book “Mothers and Others”,’we mammals have “alloparenting” and “other-parenting”’. Even Robin Dunbar suggests that “in our foundation for psychocultural research/ucla centre for culture,brain,and development,over past decade we have been examining how relationships we have within cultures”.These studies suggests that our experience shape our neural architecture.

With this cute “picha” one is reminded of “mendel’s law of independent assortment” which explains why some grandparents/grandchildren tend to favor one grandparent/grandchild than the other. Now I am not the best person to explain the mendel’s law of genetics but in my case i am the favourite of my grandparents in comparison to my siblings.

i believe life is all about relationships. Relationships are about communication and now-a-days every aspect of a relationship be it anything, is being proved by our dear scientists through their in-depth research.Science is a boon indeed…it has no boundaries…no restrictions. We live in a connected world of family relationships,business relationships and science has made it easy to cope up with difficulties faced by us in every facet of relationship…as we have a “proved result of every emotion now!!”