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Shoes that will fit your every curve!

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It’s time to bid adieu to those painful shoe bites and the ill-fitting footwear. This is because we bring you a collection of awe-inspiring shoes that will change the definition of uniqueness! The J.D Salinger of shoes and the master of innovative designs- Jeffrey Campbell has dropped five pairs of shoes that will make comfort a lot more reachable! What’s more? You can get them along on a shoestring because they are totally affordable. These size-inclusive capsule collections were made in collaboration with model La’Shaunae Steward. “She is known for her impeccable style and efforts to make fashion more accessible to all types of bodies.” The collection includes 3 wide shaft boots and 2 wide fitting sandals, designed with an aim of enabling women to “put their best foot forward.


Jeffrey Campbell is an independent shoe brand based in Los Angeles. The JC shoes have been in vogue with the celebrities for a long time. You can spot the stars donning the JC suede gamora boots and sandals on several occasions. The JC shoes come with a hope to empower individual through progressive silhouettes and achievable looks. Their mission is to make affordable and accessible footwear for everyone. This recent collaboration of Jeffery Campbell with La’shaunae Steward aims to create a more inclusive and relatable future. This collaboration strives to reflect the beauty of every body type, age, ethnicity, and gender. In the Instagram release of the 5- piece show collection, Jeffry Campbell stated that “when we say our shoes are made for everybody, we mean everybody.”

If you haven’t heard of La’Shaunae Steward, she is a 21-year-old plus size model from Charleston, South Carolina. La’Shaunae is an Instagram celebrity of sorts. She constantly posts her next-level looks on the platform. In an interview with Teen Vogue, La’shaunae explained her motivation for the collaboration with JC. She said, “I usually just shop mainly at thrift stores to find extraordinary plus size pieces because you rarely see cute things in my size. While major brands and stores have cute and funky outfits, they are rarely available in plus sizes. As Shaunae puts it, “it’s like companies are fat-phobic in a way when it comes to plus size things. Most of the stuff they create is old lady themed and covers everything.” To be honest, she is right. We might spot a really cute pair of shoes, but as we try them out, we discover that our too large or pudgy feet won’t fit into those thin footed heels.

Well, in this age of discovery, JC and La’Shaunae have come up with- “five shoes made to fit your every curve!” The collection includes three thigh high boots and two pairs of sandals. These boots are made to fit plus size thighs. Moreover, the shoes are a perfect combination of cute, chic and comfortable. Not many shoe brands offer stylish options above a size 10. Not to mention, the lack of wide width and wide calf options. It’s amazing to see big brands like Jeffrey Campbell partnering with plus-size influencers to create something better and different. This is a stylish step in the right direction which will act as a catalyst for changing the perception of the fashion industry. “In a world where plus-size collabs often miss the mark, it’s fantastic to see this one getting it right, states one of the magazines.
True to their name, Jeffrey Campbell has pushed the boundaries of contemporary style by creating this shoe collection. These plus-sized assortments comprise of stretchy boots that go up to your thighs and also comfy sandals. The Mall Grab boots are fiery red in all their glory, while, the superb Heel Flip boots are totally black and beautiful. The third one, the yellow Honey Pot thigh high boots are ever so elegant and classy. These boots have a 27’’ thigh opening which can be paired with fall coats and summer dresses alike and are made specifically for the plus-sized thighs. The boots are not only classy but are as comfortable as old shoes. But wait, the collection is not over yet! It also includes the Buzz sandal which is sleek, yellow and open toed. Last but not the least, there is the black Mon-Amour sandal with red heartshaped heels. In a nutshell, all five shoes are one of a kind, modern and trendy pieces. Don’t you wanna grab a pair for yourself?

As a small, family-owned company, the meteoric rise of the Jeffrey Campbell brand is the result of hard work and a true passion for designs. This is the kind of passion that is evident in every detail of every product that carries the name. On the other hand, La’Shaunae Steward is a talented fashion influencer and model who had not been recognized in the fashion industry and did not do very well in her modeling career either. This is due to the utter lack of inclusiveness in the fashion industry. Since 2000, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes has been capturing the essence of the street and combining a vintage style with a runway flair. This time, with the help of La’Shaunae, they have created a line of shoes that have taken the world by rage. The fashion industry has been seen to be moving gradually when it comes to the incorporation of plus sizes in their collections. In fact, only 30 plus size models were cast during the international fashion weeks in 2018. This proves that there is a need for representation of plus sizes, now more than ever.
Style and fashion, more often than not, cater to standard sizing. Thus, it is all the more noticeable when a brand like Jeffrey Campbell takes a stand to make their products more inclusive for all wearers. The dearth of such kinds of representation is one of the reasons why several fashion influencers and designers are taking matters into their own hands. Just like the JC and La’Shaunae collaboration, we need more companies to change their approach towards fashion. There should be no differentiation between sizes, skin colors, body shapes and structures. Everyone should have choices and options so that they can express their own styles and sense of fashion. Fashion trends should not be ruled by sizes or shapes. There is no ideal body shape, like a summer body or a winter body. The only body that matters is that of yours. And once you embrace yourself as you are, the real progress begins because, “it’s your body, your shape, your rules.”