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Six Corset Belt Styling Tips

We have seen this trend start with the Kardashians. It was Kim Kardashian who first showed us how we can wear the Victorian era accessory today but we were afraid to try it. It looked so well on her but we knew we were nowhere near a Kardashian to pull off something as unique and exotic as this accessory. Gradually, the sisters followed suit and with every outfit, they spun off a different look. We started to feel then that it is not so far-fetched as it seemed to be initially. They have shown us almost all the ways we can wear a corset belt in a manner that it accentuates our figure.

Six Corset Belt Styling Tips

Since then, designers and fashion bloggers alike, have been experimenting with this spectacular accessory. Today, anyone can get jiggy with this baby and create their own style statement. This accessory is so open and versatile that when done creatively, it can go with almost everything. Well, there might be a little exaggeration there but you get what we’re trying to say. Corset belts are a great way to make the body look more feminine. It is particularly beneficial to the plus size women. It looks great on them and helps bring out the sexier side of them.

There are plenty of ways to style this versatile accessory. We have curated the best ones which a woman of any body type and in any fashion can easily sport.

Oversized T-shirt

Let’s just start with the most conventional Kylie corset style. It is totally harmless and effortless. In fact, this would make for one of the chicest outfits. Simply throw on a neutral colored oversized t-shirt and show off your sexy corset belt. To give a sexy touch to your outfit, you can wear a pair of knee length boots. Keep the old rule of matching accessories’ colors in mind when you are going for this one. The reason why this style is so awesome is that this is really flattering and is perfect for any size since there are also plus size corsets available. It would beautifully accentuate your features, emphasizing your femininity. Besides, you will stand out in the crowd with this unique combination of tradition and modern.

Add Tights

This is simply an addition to the previous style. We are suggesting this style so you do not feel that corset belts cannot be worn in cold weathers. Or that you would have to freeze yourself to death for the look. Not at all. You can equally look bold and glamorous with this accessory when it gets too cold out there. The most stylish way to do that is to add a pair of tights. Black tights would make the best fit for this one. This is yet again superb for all body types. The corset belt makes us believe that we can look sexy wearing winter clothes as well. There is simply no barrier when it comes to this versatile clothing accessory.

Button Downs

Who says you can’t wear corset belts in a classy outfit? We are here to break stereotypes and boring fashion types. Let your creativity shoot through the roof and try this lovely accessory with a formal button-down shirt. Team it with a trench coat or a regular coat. You can even go for a blazer. There is no one way of going sexy. But with this one, you are sure to turn heads in the streets and make your own style statement. We can guarantee that you will have someone or the other try this out for themselves after they see you rock this style. This would totally bring out the boss lady in you.

One Shade Against Other

Try out something really different with this one. Wear a monochrome outfit and make your corset belt stand out by wearing it the opposite color or a shade lighter. It is better when it is exactly the opposite shade of your dress. This would make for a striking monochromatic contrast. A perfectly unique and creative look, you will love to carry this one on any day of the week. The best combination would be an all-black outfit with a white corset belt or the other way round. Do not forget to match your belt with your heels and your handbag. You can also opt for a jacket or a wide-brimmed hat if you are feeling like it.

Full-On Monochrome

This is precisely a little tweaking with the previous look in itself. Go for an entire monochromatic look with your vintage love. You can go with neutrals or the brightest color, or nudes—you have a multitude of options to choose from. Go with your favorite color with which you are very likely to feel the most comfortable in. Or, if you are feeling a little quirky, you can always try bright colors. There is no color rule for this look. It is really about what you are comfortable with. This stands true for any kind of style you are opting for. Even if you are carrying off a very simple style, be confident and you will look stunning in it no matter what.

Denim or Leather Jacket

Speaking of comfort, what is more comfortable than a jacket? They are so simple, yet, can be styled in many different ways. Combine vintage with modern in a unique way by wearing it over denim or a leather jacket. You can pick your colors and keep your belt in black. A high bun or a top knot would go really well with this look. This is again one of those corset belt styles which you can wear when it is getting too cold outside but you still want to look like a fashion diva. This is something of an unexpected look so it will turn a lot of heads and you will surely end up getting queues of fashion admirers after you try this look.

You can never look boring with a corset belt and we have shown you why. This versatile fashion tool will elevate your outfit in no time and get you party-ready in just a second. This is one of the greatest fashion accessories that a woman can wear. It does not only flatter your body size but also makes you look oh-so-sexy. But that’s not all. You can also wear it in the most classy outfit that you own. This means that you can take this look to work. You can look glamorous and professional at the same time with this one.

Who knew a corset belt can be worn in so many different ways?  So, do not let the diva inside you remain there. Let it out with these sexy corset styles. Besides, you should totally seek out your grandma’s wardrobe for more fashion ideas. You never know what you can come up with next!