Six Proven and Effective Tips to Land Your Dream Internship

As a young student in this world surrounded by expensive distractions, we often find ourselves to be craving for some expensive service with no money to spend. We are always hunting for ways to make that extra cash to satisfy our cravings. We often end up on the thought of taking up an internship. It is not difficult to find an internship in today’s time with the number of platforms available to firms to hire from and for us to apply.

Six Proven and Effective Tips to Land Your Dream Internship

But what has to be done to end up with an internship that not only satisfies the monetary need but an internship that we enjoy? What has to be done to intern for our dream company and to land that dream internship? These questions often trouble today’s youth. To their relief, here are six simple, but effective, tips to landing your dream internship!

Strategize and make a plan: Clarity is very important for success. So before you start, go about looking for your ideal internships, you must strategize, plan and figure out what you want and what you need. You must focus on what makes you great. It is important to plan well in advance and know exactly what you are looking for. This would help you avoid the confusion which could have led to you being stuck with an internship you don’t value.

Build a resume: Building a resume that stands out from the hundreds the employer evaluate every day and makes them want to say ‘this is the one’, is possibly the most important step in the process of ending up working for your dream organization. A resume with a clear format and the one that is error free along with quantifying your value is the key to impressing an employer. The employers meet your resume before they meet you. It is thus, important to tailor your resume for every application.

Figure out your USP: Before you go about applying and interviewing for internships, you must know what your strengths and weaknesses are. You must recognize and build that one quality that makes you unique and flaunts your USP in your resumes and interviews to impress the employers and make them believe why you are different from the herd.

Take initiative: The most important step is to take initiative. It is necessary to understand that the employers are not going to come to you with an opportunity; you have to go to them. Even if a firm is not formally looking for an internship, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comfort zone: Have you ever come across an internship that you think you could ace and you would enjoy the work, but let go of it because it is in another city or not exactly in your comfort zone? Most of your dream internships won’t exactly lie in your comfort zone. It is important to let go of the rigidity and step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone can often be a cause for anxiety. But it is possible to defeat your anxiety and go get your dream internship!

Ace the interview: This is the last but one of the most important steps. Everything you did before this would prove to be of no use if you do not ace your interview. A bad interview can you of your dream internship! Here are some tips to make sure you are well prepared for your interview:

  • Study and prepare well
  • Research about the firm
  • Don’t be late
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be confident

Landing your dream internship in this overly competitive time is difficult and exhausting but not impossible. If you are looking for opportunities to work for your dream organization but can’t seem to get that internship, these are the tips for your rescue!