Soar to Achieve: Karishma Verma’s tale of not backing down

India is a big country with an even bigger population where Everyone wants to become big in their respective profession. However, people in the country still look down upon a few professions while some are considered to be classier. Back in the 2000s, professions such as Cabin Crew, Restaurant Management, Artist from any field, etc were frowned upon. Cabin Crew was equalized to being a server at a restaurant or a bar. As we progressed in time, the thinking of people also broadened and these professions also have some good light falling on them.

Karishma Verma at work

No profession is beneath any, and every individual deserves the same respect, regardless of their profession, whether you’re a performing artist, makeup artist or a doctor.

Karishma Verma is an established Make-up Artist who stood up for her passion three years ago, in 2014. She used to work in the corporate world, but that didn’t bring her the happiness she wanted and desired. One fine day, she decided that she needed to go on a different career path, the one she was passionate about, and quit her job. Though she didn’t have much capital in hand, she soared to achieve.

She remembers trying her hand at makeup since she was a kid. Her friends and her cousins have been her guinea pigs when they all were young; she used to paint their faces in summer vacations and whenever she got the time.

Even though she took multiple courses in makeup artistry after graduating from school and college, she never got serious about opting it as a career path. Karishma believes that this, her being a makeup artist, was meant to be as she took the road that is giving her immense satisfaction and happiness.

Her work is different from others as she believes in less being more and that leaves a lasting impression. She said that she believes in making the brides look like a goddess with subtle effects. She says that a bride’s face does not need to be painted to make her look the best.

Bridal Makeup by Karishma Verma

One of the biggest troubles she faces in her line is that of a ‘Mahurat’ (auspicious time provided by a Pundit). She has trouble following up with the unusual hours provided along with the problem of traffic, which is pan-Indian.

She plans to work harder in the field and gain a big name; the source of her happiness. She loves that she is her own boss and is building up her own legacy and not someone else’s. Her advice to others is “don’t shy away from working hard, believe in yourself and just do it”.

She’s available on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and her snapchat id is karishma_v.