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The story of Frequenzy.nl: A musical solution for the budding musicians

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One fine winter morning, sitting on your balcony, wrapped in a rug, feeling lazy, debating whether you should go to work or not, sipping on your tea you hear a beautiful, fresh voice singing from the neighbouring house at an hour you have barely started to process what is happening around you. You see them each day; you see them struggle each day, they work very hard each day and get back home disappointed each day. Not that you have spoken to them but you have noticed the look on their face. Yes! I am talking about that struggling “musician” neighbour of yours.

maxresdefault-1-1024x576 (1)Indie surf band Surf Aid-Kit perform exotic and psychedelic tunes with wavey guitars, dynamic drums and catchy vocals.

There is so much talent in the world that gets lost in the dark without ever coming to the surface The ones you see perform on the bright dazzling stage, leading a glamorous life, making the big bucks are the few lucky ones. There are a lot of crazy, passionate and hardworking musicians between the ones who play in the backyards of their houses, jamming with their collegemates, and the ones performing with all the glitters on the stage which make your eyes pop out.

A group of four friends, Soner Arslan, Marieke van de Glind, Salih Toprak and Romolo Del Sangro, head over heels in love with music, hanging out together on a summer night in 2015, started discussing about the hardships every budding artist faces and how providing an unbiased, hassle-free platform to those deserving artists would be a great business plan, and that is how eventually Frequenzy.nl came into being.

Frequenzy.nl is a Dutch broadcast startup which provides a fee-free and a trouble-free platform for all the aspiring musicians to perform and spread their talent to a wider audience via social media because, well, we have known that putting a random video on YouTube may not be so helpful, after all.

It may have taken them a span of 6 months to formulate the idea into a plan and finally put it into action but once they started recording sessions, they were unstoppable. Every artist in their struggling phase knows how costly video and audio production can be, so this platform is an amazing opportunity for all those people looking to get a big break. All of frequenzy.nl’s sessions have been recorded in concert-stage and art-centre GIGANT, markant in cultuur with whom they are in co-operation.

14054480_1056881701013900_8349008777666749074_oWhat they really do, is go through an extravagant process of selecting the deserving talent, record them, establish the recording online and promote them. It is on frequenzy.nl that potential stars can be found by the audience who yearn for new talent. Recently the innovative startup also recorded a ‘silent session’ where they had a live performance for the audience who could listen to a ‘live mix’ as it was playing and then broadcasted it.  This idea was a bashing success, especially as only a few broadcasters in Europe have pulled this off.                                                                                          Romolo Del Sangro, Co-founder, Frequenzy.nl

Although it wouldn’t  have been very easy to achieve success at first, the concept and idea in itself are so unique that it was eventually a hit. The startup still does not have much direct competition in the entire Netherlands and is the only Dutch startup with the concept. Now that is some innovation, right there!Providing an absolutely free platform for the deserving lot meant that their selection of artists has to be top-notch, and that is another factor that sets them apart. Their selection of artists is what you won’t find almost anywhere else. There is always a certain amount of hard work to be put, even after success hits you. Nobody knows the backstage stories. It is there where real work is put in to sprinkle that stardust adorning these upcoming and budding stars. Recording a session with an entire crew is a huge and complicated task. With so many technicians and equipment, things not only get more complicated to handle and plan but also hit the pockets hard. A small loophole in planning can ruin the entire recording. “We once did an experimental recording outdoors, without eventually getting the right cameras and shoulder-rigs, because of a planning mistake. Needless to say, the footage was not very useful in terms of quality,” said Romolo Del Sangro while talking to FlairTales.  Sometimes you end up making mistakes in the  most obvious things, you roll through the entire performance and in the end realize that you absolutely forgot to hit the “record” button. Yeah! That is what  the heat of the glam life can do to you when in the moment.

In his interview with FlairTales, Romolo Del Sangro stated that becoming an entrepreneur has allowed him to work on his ambitions and has made him capable of working for his society, especially his immediate surroundings. He also added “Music has been a big passion for me since I started playing the violin at four years of age and later taught myself how to play the guitar. I am not able to set music aside. I have to keep working either as a musician or be involved with music in another way; there is no way out in that aspect, it keeps coming back to me some way.”

ft-1024x680Performing a soundcheck for Mihael Hrustelj’s recording session (© frequenzy.nl, 2017)

These young entrepreneurs tip the new dreamers to know that trying to attain too much too soon could be detrimental to their business. And that wanting to hog the market all at once would lead to problems. They instead suggest that gaining true space would mean to add value to others and trade for the services by cooperating instead of fighting each other off.

While the startup is only heading towards success, they still don’t want to reveal their upcoming plans, keeping the mystery lingering but promise to deliver events with fresher and more unique concepts.