Strengthen the name to enjoy the game!


When we are to come up with or think of fashion brands, numerous of the famous ones pop-up in our heads, almost simultaneously. Ever thought as to why only these top brands, and not the insignificant others, are remembered and recollected?

Strengthen the name to enjoy the game!

Well, you guessed that right! It’s all because of branding and spreading awareness about one’s brand!

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which consumers get reminded of a brand which in-turn affects their central purchasing decisions.

Branding is the utmost important aspect of the existence of a brand as it carries with itself consumer loyalty, corporate image, customer relations and the like.

All of the top fashion brands you recollected of, share a common element- the quality of their products and the services they offer. Everything that they have to offer consists of pure materials that are selected and brought from places where they originate from.

Authenticity and genuineness are these brands’ motto. But, quality in itself cannot sustain and make the brands survive. There are several other aspects that go into a brands durability.

Here are some, if not all, ways in which fashion brands can build their brand awareness:

SOCIAL MEDIA- if you’re not up there, are you even there?

A number of social media sites are growing by the day, and so are the ways to market oneself through them. In today’s era, digital marketing through the social media is not only a fad but a requisite too. This may be due to its vast access, or that it is a pocket-friendly means or even because it has a wide variety of options to experiment with.

Being aware of and active on social media is crucial in today’s age. Display of one’s collection on their social media handles can gather a lot of attention and popularization.

Ingenious ideas involving social media can have brands putting up various types of challenges or contests on their handles, that involve different types of audience, like the working class, the students, the elderly and so on.  

What is gaining momentum now is propaganda via sponsoring one’s brand’s costumes to bloggers and other influential people, which causes a tremendous amount of marketing and recognition.

This type of attention-seeking has also taken the form of tagging or giving credits to the brands that one is dressed in. The famous celebrities, who when attend an important event, tag the fashion brands they are endorsing, in every post they put up in that attire.

Another way is by sponsoring the clothes of various bloggers, both well established and the up-coming faces, which causes a lot of advertising of their brands. Bloggers come up with unique ways in which a particular brand’s apparel can be fashioned which popularize the brand to a great extent.

However, digital marketing has its limitations too. It is not appropriate and effective for sorts of the target audience. This may due to reasons like lack of resources in rural or secluded areas or even due to the lack of access to the internet by various walks of people.

THE INSEPARABLE THREE- PR, Marketing and Advertising

Effective and cutting-edge skills under these three is what will take your brand to levels unknown.

In the very initial stages of brand awareness, propaganda through print/ audio-visual forms might cost the company fortunes. At such stages, word-of-mouth is what can come to your rescue.

Establishment and enhancement of contacts, being wise with using digital platforms, innovating unique strategies for marketing, etc. can do the trick quite well. Collaborating with big brands or bloggers or other famous people is another secret to join the league.

With enough funds and means in hand, paid partnership with celebrities or other influential people is a great marketing strategy. Sponsorship in events, movies, etc, can garner acknowledgment as well.

Branding your company on a budget? No worries. Here are some tips you do not want to miss out on!

This is so because the brand gets credits and references time and again, during the course of the event.

The latest fancy for building awareness is to organize launch parties which have invitations given out to people from several different sectors and fashion backgrounds.

Distribution of free goodies or offering discounts is an evergreen trend that can cause awareness and promotion very easily.

Display of marketing strategies through advertisements is what works wonders for gaining attention. Catchy taglines, the inclusion of socially important content, quirky captions and display of designs are what is required.

The audio-visuals play a prominent role. Composing captivating and authentic tunes, lyrics, and background score, and using rousing animations and graphics can play the perfect catalyst.

Sometimes, even when your brand is well established and famous, to parallel with the contemporaries, a mere reminder-advertisement can be useful.

TARGET AUDIENCE- because they matter

Being able to connect with your target audience is what will help you earn the brownie points. Knowledge and predetermination as to who your client base would be is extremely necessary. This would help in creating strategies, forming blueprints and selecting the correct advertising platform.

Not all brands can have the elite class as their customers and so, the pricing, taglines, advertisement content, etc., have to be in accordance to the class, lifestyle, preferences, cultures, etc. of the audience.

The selection of artists for the advertisement also is crucial. Choosing a famous couple for a wedding attire garners more attention especially when the advertisements are shown/ printed during the wedding season.

ORIGIN STORY- it is the beginning of a start.

Have a story behind your conception? Let the world know it! Your story would help attract an audience as it would contain your foundation and rationales which would help in highlighting how your brand is atypical.

It might give a gist of your products and how you approach your work. Your story might also connect with several others leading to further popularization of your brand.

LITTLE THINGS DO INFLUENCE- better to prevent than to regret

Often, the minor aspects of branding that are ignored, can cost the most to the companies. All the strategies mentioned above play an important role in building brand awareness, however, overdoing or not being aware of each one’s flaws can cause the biggest downfall of the brand.

Several insignificant “Do’s” can get the brand image sore higher each day

The Million Dollar Question: Does a leadership brand really make the difference?

Most often than not, brands are known for their quality and excellence in all spheres, like fabric, services offered, costumer-satisfaction, client base, public relations, etc.

In order to not get into the negative light, it is important to maintain the quality irrespective of the present situations or conditions.

In the world of social media, negative criticism and defaming is but, a matter of one click. Twitter and Facebook are two of the many platforms that exist, which can take both, the internet and the brand’s image, by a storm.

One very small, but essential habit of a brand should be of sending regular emails and messages about the latest offers, trends, collection, etc. This can not only spread awareness but also ensure client loyalty and make the customers stick to their brands.

What are we waiting for?

Brand is the image of your fashion company that can reach the peaks with just its name. In today’s times, brands are what speak and brands are what people look out for.

All companies put their best foot forward and try to provide the best of what they can offer, however, unless the company is well recognized, all its efforts turn out to be futile. Thus, to make your work and dedication count, indulge in these brand building strategies and see your work having a voice of itself.

So, what are you waiting for? The success formula has knocked your door. Grab this opportunity and let the world know what your brand is!